Fireside Chat Transcript 9 May 2k21

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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get people a couple moments to pile on in, then we're
gonna get started.
I'm gonna warn everybody I got the second jab yesterday, just before the menace show,
and I think I'm gonna be okay.
I don't really feel any of the fatigue or the fever, I don't wanna jinx myself, but
I am gonna try to keep it to a dull roar today rather than screaming at the top of my lungs
just in case to, you know, preserve my energy.
Having now said that, I'm sure that I will get a bug up my ass and start screaming at
the top of my lungs inside of probably about 5-10 minutes, so let's just go ahead and plan
around that.
Now one of the things I wanna point out about that is as soon as you can get your fuckin'
vaccine, please do it.
We can't fuck or party or do the kind of things that we enjoy doing until everybody's fuckin'
done that shit.
Especially with this India situation being ugly.
Uh, yeah, like, get a fuckin' jab as soon as you can.
The subcontinent is turning into a mutation factory, it's not good.
Alright, so I have a number of to-do items that we're gonna go into later on in the fireside.
I'm gonna go ahead and get started on this.
There is some shit talk I wanna make about our enemies, but this is gonna be more of
like a psychological thing to try.
I had some insights on the meta show yesterday in between screaming at the top of my lungs,
and I think I've kinda drilled down on one of the things that really is differentiating
us from the enemy.
Obviously we have our own culture, the enemy has many different cultures though, there's
a lot of them, it's the entirety of the rest of NullSec, but mainly they're ruling class,
Like, they don't really give a shit about the line members of PISPY any more than we
give a shit about the line members of PISPY.
But the attitudes and some of these sort of underlying things that are behind a lot of
the motivation, because, you know, when you see the way that the bad guys have been screaming
and screeching at us in just this last week, merely because you guys have been pointing
out the whole Blue Donut thing, when they have been, I mean it's not new, they've been
blue to 103 alliances since, what, like July of 2020?
And so it was unusual to me to see them screeching so much when we point out that they are achieving
their objective of blueing the rest of NullSec besides the Imperium, right?
This is what they wanted, this is what they've been fighting for.
So when I'm on the meta show a lot of times, I'm throwing shit at the wall, and I'll watch
to see how the puppies are reacting in chat, and then I can sort of adjust.
It teaches me a lot as to what is going on in our enemy's head.
And the fact that they were as pissed off as they were for us pointing out what they
themselves have been openly talking about was unusual.
And it's kind of gotten me thinking.
And so essentially what I've figured out, it was really when they started going after
me, and they've been doing this for years, that I'm not a fleet commander, and therefore
I should not be an alliance leader, and also I am wrong.
I, Alexander John Turrigo, the Matani, am wrong, and you should not like, trust, or
respect me or any of the things you feel about me, because I do not play EVE Online as a
fleet commander.
And you know, that's cool and all, and I've always kind of blown that off, but it got
me thinking, and I realized that I think it goes to a core of who the enemy is and some
of their unexamined beliefs.
And I believe that one of the biggest unexamined beliefs of our enemies is that they should,
in their minds, be able to control how other people play EVE Online.
That these are, they essentially, like when we find people who play EVE in a weird way
or an interesting way, in a non-standard way, oftentimes those people, if they're good at
it, they end up getting promoted.
But we have here this culture of, amongst our enemies, of teachers, pets, and tattletales,
and mall cops who want to police how the sandbox is used at a fundamental level.
And if you're old school, if you responded to the Horn of Gundor and you came from the
Great War era, you might be really kind of confused about the nature of our enemies,
because they are different in many ways from our old school enemies.
Old school Hellwar was old school Hellwar, and it's very unusual, at least to me, because
I'm old and whatever, when I see these guys freaking out about people playing in the sandbox
in the sandbox game.
And if you look at it from that perspective, that they have this very constricted idea
of how EVE should be played, which I believe is in fundamental opposition to a game which,
the theme song of which was "Harden the Fuck Up."
Let me remind people about this.
The theme song of EVE Online is "Harden the Fuck Up."
This is that game.
Now there are rules and regulations surrounding EVE Online that we believe in strongly, right?
We do not think that you should metagame on the CSM.
We don't think that you should be relying upon Casino-ish or all of the other various
things that the bad guys do.
We also don't really like the whole renter system, the whole rent extraction, feudal
stuff in the core of Goon Swarm's DNA, forged in the Great War.
We have always been opposed to that kind of old school kind of thing that they do, their
feudal rental system, all of that.
But it really got me thinking, the anger and the screeching of this is unusual, because
you'd think they're getting what they want.
They have 103 alliances blue, largest blue donut, da da da.
But they don't want to be called out on it.
They don't want to be called out on it because they all want to agree with each other at
a certain level about how great they are.
And this is why it's not just that they're teacher's pets, tattletales, and wannabe sandbox
mall cops.
It's that they want this kind of weakling consensus that they all agree with each other
about all of the things that they agree about.
And one of the reasons why they fucking hate the Imperium is that we're not interested
in what they think, and we call it their bullshit.
And also, we're old school, at least those of us who are old school and have been around.
Like the dudes who respond to the horn coming back from many, many years.
These piss-pee guys, they want to play a different version of V.
It's much more anti-sandbox.
And I think that that is fundamentally one of the things.
And I think this will make them very angry.
And I'm not saying this out here as, "Hey guys, this is an attack line to use immediately."
I am theorizing, and I've been thinking about it since the show, and I'm going to work on
developing it.
But I think it's very interesting when you sort of follow the bouncing ball from the
way that they react to you continuing to fight and defying them, and the way that they react
to the way that I play Eve, or the way that other people in the Imperium play Eve, is
that they want to make the sandbox into not a sandbox.
They want to make it such that if you are in NullSec, or if you are participating in
the Eve market in a way that they can get their greedy little hands on, that they want
everyone to obey their leadership's consensus.
And it is a weak consensus.
And this is very important.
It is a fragile consensus.
Because again, Tattletails, Teacher's Pets, and Mall Cops are known for their onion skins.
And this is something that we see.
It's been strange because this war has been going on for so long.
And we have fought puppies for all of our existence in Eve Online.
It's what Goonsworm and our friends do.
But it is different in these last few years.
I really think it is that compared to fighting Band of Brothers, say what you will about
Molly and Dianabolik and Blacklight and those guys, they weren't weaklings.
They did the whole Space Emperor bad guy thing very well.
We were angry at them.
We were angry at them for their corruption.
We were angry about them for the whole T20 Saber BPO things.
I'm not saying don't be angry at Band of Brothers.
What I am saying is that if you are someone who responded to the Horn of Gundor, and you
came back and you're looking around and trying to wonder what it is that's different about
those guys compared to these guys, even though there is some cultural continuity between
them, I really do think it comes down to they are trying to create an Eve that is a safe
space for their particular issues, for their particular vision of how a sandbox should
be, which is not particularly sandboxy.
They don't want goons specifically.
They're okay with Imperium allies, and they've done their level best to get rid of the Imperium
in the sense of splitting us from our allies and our friends.
Because instead of accepting that it's a sandbox game, the sandbox game, these fucking people
want to control how you play, how you think, how you post about the fucking sandbox game.
And they want that so desperately because they are cowardly, and they are weak people.
They are weak people to need.
Not all of them need this.
Not all of them are tattletales, teachers, pets, and mall cops.
But usually the ones that are the most vocal, a lot of the ones that you're seeing, the
ones that are the cry bill is that the moment that you don't take their shit, they immediately
clutch their pearls and go to their fucking fainting couch.
That is some of that from their most vocal supporters.
And the more that I think about it, the more it disgusts me.
Because this is Eve Online.
This is the harden the fuck up game.
This is the game where last time I checked just a couple months ago, they cry about,
"Oh, goons are going to ruin your game.
Goons are bad.
Goons, goons, goons."
And then the CCP have a whole marketing campaign called wreck their dreams.
Oh, gee, what does that sound a little bit more like?
That sounds a lot more like what we do and how we play and how we roll.
Because we are much more in sync, I believe, the modern Imperium, with the whole spirit
of harden the fuck up than anything that we have seen from these blue donut, piss-pee
pieces of shit.
And I think that's one of the reasons why even when you would think they would be happy,
they should be happy.
We're down to our last constellation.
We're bunkered down in 1DQ1 waiting for the final fucking battle.
And they are screeching.
And I think that the screeching is because they are realizing that they are not going
to be able to control us.
That they are not going to be able to police the sandbox.
That it doesn't matter how much of a fucking teacher's pet tattletale little bitch you
are, there is no teacher or mommy that is going to come save them from the reality of
people playing Eve Online in fundamentally different ways from the way that they play
Eve Online.
One of the things that has always made me interested in this game is the fact that if
there is a galaxy, one of the first things you want to do is conquer it.
Well, at least if you're me.
And not everybody is into the same things that I am.
But if there is a fucking galaxy, I'm interested in conquering it.
How would you conquer the galaxy if you end up in a powerful position in Eve Online?
People will ask you at Vegas and at other events, "Hey, have you ever tried to take
over the galaxy?
What would it be like if you tried to take over the galaxy?
What would that look like?"
And one of the fundamental differences between us and them is that I don't want to rule over
puppies because I don't like them.
I don't want to be in charge of those fucking people because I don't like to hang out with
tattletales, teacher's pets, and fucking mall cops.
I want to hang out with our dudes.
And we want to go do our thing, whatever that happens to be at the time.
Usually drugs and sex and getting in trouble and partying a lot and whatever when we're
outside of the game.
We want to do our thing.
And I have never wanted to be a galactic emperor because I don't want to rule over puppies.
And I'm also fine with puppies going off and doing their own thing.
We have existed in this game for 15, 16 fucking years now in one form or another, speaking
of Goon's Form here specifically.
And the fact that a bunch of these people want to get together and be tattletales and
do puppy things together, that doesn't bother me because I don't care what they do.
And we're in this situation here, I believe, from such a broad cultural perspective.
I really think that there is an element of the enemy is trying to control what you say,
what you do, how you play, how all of us play.
I am not supposed to be an alliance leader because I'm not a fleet commander.
And that makes them angry because how dare I play in the sandbox game in a way that's
different from the way that people play things in other games?
There's just this sort of knee jerk conformity and anger at people not conforming that I
think we see behind a lot of the screeching.
And so, yeah, when I am hurfing blurfs and I'm talking shit on the Meta Show, that's
absolutely what I'm doing.
And also makes my girlfriend really horny.
So that's kind of a thing is I scream and I hurf all these blurfs and then whatever.
Then I go on about my day.
But this level of screeching from the bad guys in the last couple of days has been getting
me trying to think and figure out what it is that's really going on here.
What are their underlying motivations?
And it's gross.
I think it's fundamentally anti-sandbox.
I think that it goes against the spirit of EVE Online.
And I think that if we understand their motivations and understand our enemies, we can do a better
job of fucking with them.
And I don't like teacher's pets.
I don't like tattletales.
I don't like mall cops.
So fuck them.
And if they're mad about the fact that we're not going to play in the sandbox the way that
they insist that we...
What gives these people the fucking right?
What gives these people the fucking right to tell us how we play EVE?
Who do they think they are?
What entitled...
And the other thing is they wanted to be strong and dominate.
Why are they such little bitches about everything?
They don't have the right to tell you how to play the game.
They don't have the right to tell me how to play the game.
And it's funny when we don't go along with them, that they immediately scream for mommy
to help.
It's ridiculous.
Anyway, speaking of mommies, it is Mother's Day.
Don't forget to call your mother.
I need to do that after the fireside.
So anyway, psychoanalyzing the enemy nonwithstanding, let's go ahead and go into some more business-oriented
We have a couple things to go over here today.
Then we're going to take questions and we're going to go.
All right.
One of the most important things that we have seen in the past couple of weeks of warfare
is the importance of stockpiles and not only stockpiles, but in these battles that we're
having consistently now to restock the market as soon as you can.
If you are able to import and get our doctrine ships back up on contract, that is super,
super critical.
We also want...
Yeah, exactly.
Everything that people are saying here in Elysium.
We need to get all that shit.
This stockpile life is everything because as you guys have seen, when it's 10% tie-dye,
we need all goons to be able to immediately grab another combat ship, not needing to wait
for SRP, not needing to wait for the market to work because multi-fit isn't going to work
and multi-buy isn't going to work and fucking tie-dye.
And be able to get right back out there and kill puppies.
That has been working out very well.
I've been very happy with you guys with the level of stockpiles and level of commitment
that we have seen.
This is more of a reminder of, "Hey guys, it's not just you personally having stockpiles,
but please do remember to restock the market in 1DQ1 to make sure that everybody else can
restock and replenish their stockpiles so we're ready to fuck whenever we need to."
A couple of other things that are related to that.
We have now announced a new Drake Doctrine and I have a message for you guys.
There were some fit validator issues.
If we could get a link to the fit validator, that would be cool.
And those are going to be fixed.
There is a minor technical glitch with that, but we are going to be getting the Drake Doctrine
plugged into that effectively.
And yes, Drakes are back.
These are, in terms of role, these are designed to be sort of like Eagles, but more at the
Battlecruiser level.
So if in a hack fight, you would be looking for a tank, for hack fights we'd use Eagles.
In this case, the Drakes are like the Eagle equivalent to go along with the Feroxes.
So it's pretty cool.
We are unironically doing an Imperium Drake Doctrine.
The day has come.
So check that shit out.
All right.
Somebody's saying, calling them sappy, which is Serenity Alliance.
Please ignore.
The flip thing about the situation with Pisspea is that, you know, these guys, just the hypocrisy
disgusts me.
It genuinely disgusts me.
Is for years, these very same people have been clutching their pearls and pointing their
fingers at you all and at me, looking down their noses at you because they accused us
of wanting to turn the server into Serenity.
And like I said earlier, I've never wanted to rule over puppies.
I would never want to be the Emperor of this galaxy because that would imply that I would
be ruling over people that I don't like or want to help in any way.
I don't want to be in charge of NullSec.
I enjoy doing what I do and staying in my lane here.
But the fascinating thing about the Serenity situation is that the very same people that
for years have accused you all of wanting to create Serenity, which is the opposite
of our interest, have turned the server now into something that is much worse than Serenity
was when they were pointing their fingers at us about it.
The hypocrisy is boundless and they should choke on it.
They should suffer the consequences of the cognitive dissonance.
When I say that they should suffer, a well-adjusted person wouldn't suffer from this.
They just point out, "Hey, look, man, you're being fucking hypocritical here.
Like you're saying, 'Blue Donut bad on Serenity, Goon's bad.
And why the fuck do you have 103 alliances?
Blue for almost a year now.
Healthy people will just blow that off.
But these fucking thin-skinned little bitches screech like stuck pigs when you point out
the logical conclusions of their own publicly stated actions."
And that's why I think that it's a control thing in the sandbox.
Because when they say it, it's okay, but you are not allowed in the piss-pee person's world
and in their little mind, you are not allowed to do your thing.
Only they get to say who does what in the sandbox.
And that's why they can say that they want to blue 103 alliances, and every time that
they run into difficulties in purging the Imperium, they get to say, "Oh, well, we're
going to spend another three to eight months to do this, and we'll still be blue, and we're
going to be blue for years."
But if you say, "What the fuck, Blue Donut coward, pathetic, hypocrite bitches," then,
I mean, holy shit, right?
I was mean to them yesterday on the Meta Show, but the amount of screeching, I'm very proud
of it.
It's kind of nice.
It's kind of nice when you're striking blows, when they just spend the next however many
Ooh, Metani man bad.
All right.
So let me get back to -- sorry.
I was, like I said, a little bit fatigued today because of the second jab, and we're
going to try to go back to the line by line.
So another couple things are happening here.
If you are in SuperTits, if you're part of our TitanArts supercarrier group, you've been
getting messages for a while now about how it's going to be closed down, and we have
Fight Club and Titan Swarm.
Well, it's going to be closed today.
So if you haven't applied to Fight Club or Titan Swarm, fix your shit.
Get that done because SuperTits is finally being shut down.
We spent weeks warning people about that.
Similarly, if you are allies, we want allies to apply to Cap Swarm if they haven't already.
Allied Cap Swarm is being closed also.
There's no reason to have a separation between us and our allied capital.
So there's no more Allied Cap Swarm.
Please, if you are in Allied Cap Swarm, if you're one of our allies, just apply to regular
old Cap Swarm, and that's how we're rolling.
So there's much more efficiency coming to the capital process.
I want to hit on the F2 thing.
Now it's been a few weeks since I hearfed a whole bunch of blurs about the F2 project,
and if you don't know what I'm talking about, somebody could find the Cultural Revolution
thread and link it for me in Elysium.
One of the reasons why it's so important to develop your F2 is that is finding new ways
to use the sand in the sandbox.
It's developing your talents outside of the way that the pubbies want.
They want people to fit into traditional roles.
They think that all alliance leaders should be like Headliner.
And I would be delighted if all of our enemies were led by such fine, upstanding leaders
as Headliner.
I think Headliner is a great example of a wonderful fleet commander, alliance leader,
and he's done great things with Pandemic Legion, and I cannot say enough good things about
I hope that the pubbies do find similar equivalent leaders for all of their alliances.
But yeah, Headliner has done a better job of ruining PL than anything we could have
ever done.
But regardless of that, and I don't want people to start talking shit about Headliner.
Don't pay attention to him.
That's just a joke.
Just ignore it.
Keep ignoring PL.
Let them fucking ruin themselves on their own time.
But anyway, where was I?
Superdip F2.
We're talking about the F2 stuff.
So the thing about this is, it is not enough in the situation that we are in when we are
fighting the entire fucking galaxy of tattletales and fucking mall cops and teachers' pets to
just turn up and do one thing in fleet.
I have been hearing great things from our fleet commanders.
I haven't really been hearing the things that we were hearing before the Cultural Revolution
was announced.
We're not really getting the whole, "Gosh, I'm not getting enough help."
You guys have been doing a great job with the F2 stuff, and I'm talking about it here
to just keep it in the air.
You guys have been doing wonderful with it.
Please keep it up.
The minimum standard for Goonswarm, and I guess the rest of the Imperium can do this
if they want to.
We autocrats are all in charge of their own things.
But at least for Goonswarm, we want to make sure that people are doing more than just
F1, because we are fighting the entire galaxy of a bunch of puppies who's made it very clear
that they want everybody to hold hands, sing Kumbaya, and be renters for their landlords,
and just do their thing.
And so to fight that, we need to make sure that everybody is doing one thing more, not
just turning up in fleet, but finding another way that you can add value to the tribe, because
I will be fucking damned if I let Gobbins or any of these other pieces of shit dictate
how we do our thing, because they don't have the right to tell us how to do their thing,
to do our thing.
And we're never going to let them tell us how to do our thing, because they don't get
to do that.
They are not us.
They are them.
And that's fine.
That's perfectly fine.
I'm fine with the puppies being them.
I'm fine with us being us.
I'm fine with those guys going off.
If they want to go off and be landlords, and they want to wallow around in their shit,
doing their thin-skinned agreement consensus thing off in some other corner of the galaxy,
we're not going to go over there and try to stop them from the teacher's pets from being
teacher's pets.
But they're coming here and trying to stop us from doing our thing our way, so fuck,
they can eat my ass.
All right.
So the F2 thing is very important, because, again, if this is -- the reason why this is
sort of -- I'm sort of working the theory out, as I'm saying it, is because if it's
true, if it is true that the underlying motivation behind all of our enemies working so hard
to do this is that they are attempting to control who does what in the sandbox, and
at least for the NullSec puppies, right?
Like, you know, outside of that, everybody's doing their own thing.
But of the PissP guys and their leadership, they do seem to be genuinely motivated to
try to control how everybody in NullSec does their thing.
Then that explains why they have been so dedicated.
It explains why they have worked so hard to form this blue donut.
It also explains why that they are so angry that it hasn't worked.
They believed it would work on us because it would probably work on them, because that's
who they are.
They do genuinely care about what each other think, and they're always polishing their
puppy resumes such that they can lateral into other organizations.
They don't really have as much of a tribal affiliation as we do.
And so the reason why I'm calling this out isn't just hurfity-blurf-blurf-blurf, but
the challenge is that if we are correct on this, if I am right that it is like a sandbox
control thing for at least some of them, that we should just expect that from them.
And that might explain why they are so motivated to do what they do while also crying as much
about it when that is pointed out.
So we're going to do a little bit more investigation on that and try to really get inside their
heads and figure out what the fuck is going on.
But that's just sort of where my thoughts are currently.
Anyway, back to more to-do type thing.
I want to give a shout out for scouts and NGSA.
And NGSA and scouts always need a plug on every fireside because it's so fucking important.
We need to know where PissBee is and what they're doing to stop them doing things.
And they're going to be sneaky.
And I have no problem with them being sneaky because we're sneaky too.
That's fine.
That's part of the game.
That is the sandbox of EVE Online, which is, last time I checked, based around "harden
the fuck up."
So scouts and NGSA, critically important.
We're always going to need you guys, and not just in T5CI.
These guys, we've seen them now try to bob and weave and sneak around in various other
3D is clearly a big focus day in and day out.
But they will get sneakier as they get more frustrated.
And hopefully they'll be bad at it because the more frustrated they are, the more mistakes
they make.
But please, please, please, scouts, NGSA, if we're talking about F2s and you want to
find a way to help out outside of fleets, very easy suggestion to get stuck in and help
Another couple things.
I want to give Hanzo Viper a shout out because he has been helping out at seeing with us.
Him and ApplePear have formed a powerful combination on a number of fleets here.
So you're seeing Hanzo pings in early Euro time.
He is the leader of Siberian squads and a good friend.
And it's super cool to see everybody kind of getting together to fight the good fight.
All right, I'm gonna go ahead and take some.
I think the only thing I want to hit on beyond that is Insurgent Squad.
Insurgent Squad is recruiting.
One of the things that we've noticed is that after we wipe out the enemy and their stockpiles
are mostly out, it just so happens that almost all the contract on hostile organization contracts
are scams, helpfully provided by Insurgent Squad.
So please do join Insurgent Squad.
They've been doing fantastic work.
And similarly, we have seen to a lesser effect, the enemy has tried to do this too.
They're just less organized and less good at it than us.
So I want to remind you guys that you can use the fit checker and please relink the
fit checker in Elysium.
Now, if you can, you can use the fit checker to make sure that you are not getting scammed.
Because if you copy and paste the thing from the contract window into the fit checker,
it will tell you whether you have a legitimate contract or not.
So that's a space.
That's a time saving trick you can use.
Please use the fitting validator to make sure you don't get scammed.
And also please join Insurgent Squad because fuck all puppies forever, these guys can eat
shit and I hope that they really feel angry and frustrated every time they buy a scam
contract because they're anti sandbox and they probably hate that shit because they're
little dick bitches.
All righty.
Uh, do do do do.
Let me go ahead and take some questions.
What's one good thing that happened to you today?
My girlfriend telling me how horny she gets when she hears me be really mean to the puppies
on the Meta show.
And the second jab.
I mean, yeah, the struggle is real over here.
My life is pretty good.
Have I ever fleet commanded a FC to fleet in my life?
I have usually under extreme duress.
In the siege of VFK in 2012, Ninetales from Roo Squad, I think he's in Roo Squad now, held
my hand and I was I was basically just absolutely insane with lack of sleep.
I'm not a very good fleet commander.
I hyper focus on things.
I did actually a lot of capital fleet FC because since caps don't really move around in a 3D
active way, I can think through it.
And so I did a lot of ninja dread FC back when you could still do injected ninja dread
drops several years ago.
So I do cap FC when I can and when I feel like it.
But definitely sub cap stuff is, you know, that's not my lane.
That's not what I'm good at.
I do other things.
And that's fine.
And that's perfectly fine.
And the puppy thing to do would be to point and how and say, gosh, gosh, those people
in the Imperium are not confirming to our views of how the sand of the sandbox should
be used.
Gosh, you have to do.
I mean, it's such little dick shit.
Like it's extreme little dick energy.
And one of the reasons why I'm often being very crude, it is calculated.
I am when I'm talking about, you know, penises and the bad guys are all howling about toxic
masculinity and all this other stuff is that I know it drives them crazy.
It drives them fucking up a wall.
And maybe if they didn't act like little dick bitches, they wouldn't be called little dick
It's fine for them.
This is another thing.
It's sort of one of the inherent hypocrisies in that is that your individual puppy, piss
pee shit poster will go out there on Reddit and anonymous will say all of these horrible
things about us.
But then when I say it, it's bad.
And I think that the distinction is not just basic hypocrisy.
But when I say these things, they know that there is a big audience that is also pointing
and laughing at them and calling them cowardly little dick bitches.
And so, you know, they want to come at us.
But when we come at them, oh, gosh, it's so different.
It's so awful.
How dare he?
Gosh, oh, gee, I'm going to faint.
I better clutch my pearls.
There's a filter song, Hey, Man, Nice Shot from the 90s, because that's my age bracket.
And one of the lyrics that sticks in my head the last couple of days is they put it in
your face and let you smell what they consider wrong.
And that is really fundamentally what's going on here is that these fucking pieces of shit
every day are getting up and trying to shove what they think is bad and wrong under your
nose to get you to feel bad about doing your thing so that we don't give a shit what they
think and we don't give a shit what they want.
And that's fine.
There's it's freedom.
There's freedom in that.
It's their own thing.
But no, no, they must crush the Imperium because they cannot handle anything other than an
agreeable conformist, cowardly consensus.
It's pathetic.
It's anti sandbox.
It's anti Eve.
And we should never let them live it down.
And I think it's going to make them very angry to have it pointed out to them how anti sandbox
they are.
They're anti sandbox in that there is clearly some sort of dirty, dirty shit happening at
the CSM level between the piss PCSMS.
Our finance people have been investigating that for some time now, and we hope to have
something that we can put in front of you in a couple of weeks.
There is there was clearly a bunch of dirty stuff happening with the casino war with them
relying upon casino is unattackable RMT laundry, which the whole I want to ask thing was and
they rely on those things.
So, you know, it's just it's disgusting.
It's pathetic.
I can't believe that these fucking people want to tell us in the only good sandbox MMO
that's still out there that, oh, you can't play the sandbox that way.
Oh, you can't play even line this way.
Oh, you have to do this this way because, you know, I'm you know, it's just it's pathetic.
It's genuinely.
All right.
Let me take a couple of questions.
Like I said, I was going to get to the end of this.
I'd get mad about something and I know perfect blurbs, but I'm just, you know, I'm keeping
it keeping it out of seven out of ten today.
Are the bad guys.
This is a really interesting question from Colombo.
Hey, Colombo, been a bit.
Are the bad guys bad guys because they're dicks or because space landlord ism incentivizes
people to be dicks.
And I mean, definitely speaking, I mean, I'm a complete dick, right?
Like I'm a huge fucking asshole, you know, and it's fine to be a dick.
Like I don't have a problem with the bad guys being dicks because we're dicks to or pussies
or whatever the hell we feel like.
And that's great.
We can be whatever we want in the online.
That's sort of the whole point of the online.
I think that it's not just space landlord ism because they've had the ability to run
their renter empires and do all this other sort of stuff.
I think that these thin skin little bitches cannot handle an Eve where somebody doesn't
take their bullshit seriously.
And I think it does go back to one of the things about goons worm is that especially
old school goons, a lot of us have never played Eve in an environment outside of goons worm.
And when we spy on puppies, we get to see what it's like over out there.
And I think that a fundamental level, they don't like the fact that we have our own thing,
our own culture.
We're doing things our way that isn't theirs and they can't handle it because it drives
them crazy.
They can't control it and it makes them feel insecure and it should make them feel insecure
because maybe if they weren't a bunch of cowardly little bitches and got a fucking life, then
they could accept the fact that the Imperium operates in a way that they don't like and
enroll with it, but they can't.
And it's like, it is really interesting.
So I'm a big sociology, psychology nerd and stuff like that.
And to kind of deconstruct the meta show a little bit here, a lot of times I'll get up
there and I'm saying basically the same stuff almost every week when I go into like an insult
Now, obviously I'm shaking it up a little bit, but what is always fascinating to me
is to go after the puppies and then to see them respond at a greater or lesser extent
to the same insults.
And this tells me a lot.
It tells me a lot because if week after week, I'm saying essentially the same thing when
I'm insulting the piss behavior, go cowards, weakling pieces of shit, little dick energy,
blah, blah, blah, wrestler stuff, playground insults.
And we watch the intensity of the rage from the bad guys go up and go down.
It is it's soft intel.
And what I can tell you guys is that this has made them extraordinarily angry, not me
doing my thing because I'm saying the same shit pretty much every week.
But the level of frustration and anger from the puppies is at a genuine fever pitch this
week at a level that I haven't seen in a hot minute.
And I think that is because they are realizing that your resistance level is not going anywhere,
that you guys are not going to break, that you aren't going to falter, that you aren't
going to fail and that you aren't going to bend the fucking knee to a little dick coward
and do what these people say.
And I think that's why they're so mad.
They're seeing it slip away from them because they know that we've got more Titans than
we know.
They know that we want it more than them.
We want to fucking bring this to a conclusion.
We want to we're here to fuck.
That's who we are.
And so I think as they see the future that they had imagined beginning to slip away from
them of their happy blue donut consensus where all puppies could get together and agree and
sing Kumbaya that goons are bad and that certain things shouldn't be done in the sandbox game
because they feel that whatever bullshit.
And I think that's why we are seeing this uptake in anger.
And I think it's a good thing.
I want our enemies to be frustrated.
I want our enemies to be angry.
I want our enemies to be miserable because that's what they wanted for us.
And the moment that it doesn't go their way, you can see this on Reddit.
These people immediately cry foul.
They rush to their fainting couch because it's okay for them to say that you suck.
But God forbid that you tell them that they suck.
Oh, gosh, gosh, that's awful.
And the fact that our guys don't really give a shit what they think is fundamentally something
that drives them crazy.
So that's cool.
Why did a bunch of us get banned from Reddit?
That's because Sapporo Jones or whatever the fuck the test mod guy was a pissed his pants
like a little bitch because somebody pointed out the whole blue donut thing.
And that's what kicked all that off.
And that's one of the reasons why we're gonna we're gonna make him choke to death on this
blue donut serenity thing because they deserve to have it rammed down their throats.
They deserve to be reminded of it constantly.
And at such point that they start screaming and crying about how awful we are for pointing
out what they themselves have said and worked for.
Then when they stop screaming and crying about it will probably cause some problems mother
names but it seems to be working just fine right now.
All righty, I'm not gonna get into the whole Reddit mod drama thing because it's in the
territory of like stuff I just don't really give a shit about.
I think Reddit is useful barometer for the level of outrage and misery that our enemies
are going through.
I kind of feel like we broke one of our favorite toys because Marcus Murphy didn't really seem
like his heart was in the meta show summary.
But there's enough about that.
All right, let me see.
Take another couple questions.
ADM fleets.
I do want to give it one final hype for ADM fleets because as we do have so little official
space yet that it is very important to keep the ADMs in our final constellation up and
Please do join those when you see them.
It is very important, especially when the enemy isn't being very active.
Those are great times for us to get out there and make sure that those ADMs are maxed out
and they're super chill and super important.
All righty.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to go ahead and call it for today.
Thank you all for coming.
We will be back here next week.
I'm going to go recuperate in my massage chair and make sure that I'm taking my vaccine side
effects very seriously.
So let's get back out there and fuck these puppies over.
Keep fighting.
Keep murdering.
Keep doing your thing.
Make your people proud.