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[00:00:00] Asher Elias: Alright, I'm gonna get, I'm gonna get going here. I got a Miami game in a few minutes. I don't wanna miss the start. So it's been it's been CSM week. If you have not been tuned into Jabber, you've been missing a lot of pings. I know some of you wouldn't say you're missing them, but it's been It's been a good week so far.

We're very happy with with what the the turnout has been. We think it's very positive. So, wanted to talk about sort of the differences in our campaigns between our, our, our common enemy. There's been, there's been a lot of pinging and, you know, other things being sent out to PAPI, but particularly Pandemic Horde, and they have essentially run on a platform that is entirely self beneficial.

Their platform is basically, makes the Drone Lands better, the Drone Lands aren't good enough as you guys know, the Drone Lands are the best region in space and it's not even close, really. It, They have no invasion vector they have same crab beacons that we do and no NPC space to, you know, harass them.

Nothing to harass them. It's you know, it's the best region space, but their platform has been strictly, it's not good enough. We need better. And I would like to contrast that with the great posts that Kazanir put up, with what Angry Mustache has put up about our vision for the future. And, vision for the future is not necessarily like, hey, we want to make it so that Delve is impregnable.

In fact, it's not that at all. Our vision is that we want to make the game better. It is still to be seen if like a platform of just strictly self interest is going to work for them. But that the best way to make it not work for them is for us to get the vote out. Right. So that is why we've been paying so much.

That is why we're trying to get you guys out there. I know there are probably some people who are just not sold on it, or just don't think it matters, or just, you know, I don't want to log my accounts and do the verification email. I just did that five times. It's not the most fun thing in the world, but we really would like you guys to do it.

The CSM as maligned as it is, is an important tool for communication with CCP. It builds relationships, and it helps them understand, and it's something that's needed. You know, they need people in, in there who understand the game. So, we are trying to get you out. We're happy with the vote so far.

If you have not voted please go ahead and do so. Kaz, if you want to talk a little bit about what's been going on this week I'd be happy to do that.

[00:02:10] Kazanir: Yeah, it's been really interesting actually. So just yesterday I took the post and I put it up straight on Reddit because certain hostiles were, were essentially alleging to other hostiles in the public that, that in the post, there was a bunch of like secret stuff.

And that at secretly was this partisan effort on behalf of us. Of course, anybody who's read it knows that I'm proposing to essentially bring back some mechanics or a form of mechanics that we hated when they existed, in a way. Because that's what is the spark that is missing from the metagame. So, of course, in the post, very late, when I said Angry and I were going to lead the state ticket, I said, I'm going to put mostly non Imperium candidates on, because there are only three Imperium citizens, and I'm going to interview a bunch of them to see who is interested in these ideas.

And then a throwaway line in there says except... You know, we won't be endorsing any PAPI candidates. Sorry to any dickheads reading this. I wasn't thinking ahead right to when I was going to publish this on Reddit a week later. So that really ticked them all off and they just are losing their minds in this thread in the comments on Reddit.

And it's just amazing as if I was going to endorse a PanFam guy. And then it turned out after all that we did put someone, well, is FRT PAPI or not is one of the great quantum questions of the universe. But we did end up putting a hostile, someone with negative standings to us on our ballot. So watching them just be completely illiterate and lose their minds this way has just been amazing.

Even though there are a few people out there who get it, who get the picture and can see that, that we're trying to bring back a good thing for the sake of another couple decades of war. But man, the illiteracy is just, it's mind boggling. It's just been the best. So I I'm out there causing trouble.

Please feel free to come cause trouble with me. The, you know, game on.

[00:03:57] Asher Elias: So we've had a lot of discussion with, you know, leaders from outside of PAPI, but not allied with us and the overwhelming feedback and some positive, obviously Angry has a very good reputation in the community because he does the post on Reddit when the, economic report comes out, you know, and then Kaz's has been really well received by a lot of people. So I think we're seeing a lot of positive you know, a positive push on that. I didn't want to ask you guys a question. I'm not going to let Kaz do anything mean to you, but I did receive reports that people felt like he talked too long when he last did the fireside.

Can you give me a yes or no in, in Elysium if you feel like he talked too long or, or Or not. Look at that. They love you guys.

[00:04:38] Kazanir: Damn. I am so flattered I was man.

[00:04:40] Asher Elias: I was gonna I was ready to just you know chip you down just a little bit guys because you've been riding high lately And now you're gonna this is gonna make your whole week.

[00:04:53] Kazanir: This is it's been very flattering, right? I view this as Sort of, I, I can see that the future, the next year ahead of me must be even worse because the universe is, is buttering me up to later.

[00:05:05] Asher Elias: Everything's lining up for Kaz right now, huh?

[00:05:06] Kazanir: Destroy me, right, yeah. Yeah. We build you up just to knock you down.

[00:05:10] Ranger Gama: Oh, Kaz, there's a really good one there from Alder, Jesus, I can't pronounce his name, he says, No is the answer the state allows you. I like it.

[00:05:18] Asher Elias: That is good. That's good.

[00:05:20] Snipereagle1: Plant in the audience.

[00:05:21] Asher Elias: Alright, so we're we're working on CapitalSRP. Actually, Kaz, why don't you talk about that too?

[00:05:26] Kazanir: Oh, sure. So this is really interesting. Actually, CapSRP always takes just a second because we have to figure out what to do. This time, for those who missed it, what we decided to do is take everyone who lost at Dread and make sure they ended up in either a Navy Dread or a Zirnitra instead of a Tech 1 Dread.

So that was a little bit of a buff. It's taking a second to arrange, though, because it turns out what happens is the first giant batch of Zirnitra we printed something like two thirds of them ended up going to people who had ordered Zirns. And it turned out that those weren't the people who were getting SRP'd.

We just had over 50 other people order new Zirnitras. So, things are a little... Messed up timeline wise, all the SRP, a lot of it has happened already. There are a lot more hulls coming out. There are also 50 new Zirnitra pilots. We've moved several hundred Dreadnoughts to the front in the past week and a half.

If you don't know when that happened, well, there's another move up after the fireside. That's what I got.

[00:06:14] Asher Elias: All right, I'm gonna link I'm gonna link Vile Rat day. We are doing it tomorrow. It is technically Monday, but because of Because it's Sunday, it's a lot easier for people, so yeah, if you can, if you can show up tomorrow at 20 hundred, we're taking a battleship room we're gonna retake VFK, we'll fight anyone who tries to stop us and if after an hour, nothing happens, or some of us are still alive, we will all shoot each other.

So you can fit whatever you want. Any battleship that you like. If you can't afford a battleship, you can bring something else. So we'll be doing that tomorrow at 2000. Mr. Vee will be there. He'll be telling a little story about Vile Rat and basically I'm sure there's a lot of people. Actually, that's a good question.

X in here if you do not know who Vile Rat is. All right, perfect. So yeah we'd love for you guys to show up tomorrow at 2000. And we'll talk about it. It's... Sad story, but it's one we want to remember and one we want to know. Yes, some of you know the ancient words. Tomorrow, we are doing Vile Rat Day and then FanFest in, I think, two weeks.

We are having a meetup. We're going to have Mr. Vee will be there Ranger Gamma will be there, other people will be there. So if you're going to FanFest, please come join the meetup. The thread has been linked by Ranger Gamma. Yeah, 2000 Eve time, Joseph, you are correct for Vile Rat Day.

[00:07:23] Snipereagle1: I just added it to the calendar as well.

[00:07:25] Asher Elias: Ah, perfect, yeah. And then also on October 20th, we are having the Goon meetup in Vegas. I'm linking that for you right now. Yeah, the Vile Rat story is very interesting, so if you guys do not know it, definitely show up for that. For Dreads T2 guns and T2 siege, we are moving to require it. Frankly, I actually thought we had already done that, but it was still technically not allowed.

So, if you have a Dread pilot, make sure you're training them to the appropriate T2 siege first, then T2 guns. That's something that, you know, for better or worse, Dreads are a really important part of the capital chain right now, and they're, yeah, they're very important. So we need to have everyone ready for that.

I'm sure Ranger wants to talk about Poco tax rates are being updated.

[00:08:04] Ranger Gama: Yeah, I'll take care of that.

[00:08:05] Asher Elias: Okay.

[00:08:06] Ranger Gama: So we pulled all the Pocos into the logistics corp , the main one that we do all the stuff that GSOL does. And. We've been running around and say, we Beyond has been running around like a crazy person, setting all the taxes to make sure they're all good.

He's still working on that over the weekend. So after Monday, if you run across a POCO that is not set correctly, please post in the thread that I put in there. So that he can go back and fix it, but he is actually working on them over the weekend. So give it a couple of days. So after Monday, you can go in there.

So Robbie, does that include period basis? Yes, it does. And GSF SOV in Querious. So just the, the fake Querious-Delve piece, right? There's two constellations, just the fake Querious there, but all the Period Basis and the Delve itself. So what tax rate should they have? Sorry. Sorry. So it's 5 percent for regular planets and 1 percent for the factories.

[00:08:58] Asher Elias: Yeah, so people have been asking me about PI in Elysium, and I was thinking if I, next time I stream, I might just try to set up PI without reading a guide at all, just do it in game and see how long it would take because I've never done PI, and I'm sure that, I'm sure it'll be very simple and easy for me to figure it out just based on the tools given.

I don't, I don't, I don't have any information or preconceptions going into it, so I'm just gonna just give it a shot with what's in game and see what happens.

[00:09:25] Ranger Gama: Oh, that's a good one from Sticks. Sniper, our very own Sniper, made that little website there that actually is very cool. Keeps track of all of your stuff for PI.

[00:09:34] Asher Elias: Boris linked the server fund, if you are in the position that you can help donate, please do. We're, we're doing well in that. It's not something where we need you guys to donate. So if you're, if you're, you know, short you know, that's not anything we need you to worry about. But if you're in the position where you can help setting up a monthly donation really helps us a lot.

All right I'm gonna open up some questions and if I missed any topics, then people can go ahead. Yeah, go ahead, Kaz.

[00:09:54] Kazanir: Actually, one last thing about dreads that I forgot. So this has been ongoing for a little while but not all the builders have published it because they just list dreads on a contract.

The Alliance is running a buyback program. If you upgrade your tech one dread by buying a new Navy dread, or a Zirn, and you didn't lose it for SRP, you're just upgrading in place. Now you have this tech one dread that you're not doing anything with the Alliance will buy back. Up to one tech, one dreadnought per, you know, upgrade that you perform.

So we've been doing that via some of the builders, and they've been trading out. We'll buy them back. I think the rate is correct me if I'm wrong, Ranger, it's like 2. 9 billion or something, or 3. 3 billion, depending on if it's rigged. It's something like that. I don't remember the number for sure. So we'll, we'll get a post up about, but if you are upgrading, so this is, you have to upgrade and have that dread in that dread pilot in a new hull. They can still fly a Navy or Zirn, but then we'll buy back the tech 1 from you to, to replenish the cash. Yes, exactly. So the question in chat is, what are we doing with the tech 1 dreads? It's a stockpile. That's exactly right. So what we do with the stockpiles, there are a lot of options.

[00:10:56] Asher Elias: Someone asked what dread I should buy first.

We're definitely pushing Phoenix Navies and Zirnitras. Zirnitras are great dreads. They don't take a lot of training. Phoenix Navies are great too. Those are the dreads we're pushing. You can also go Revelation Navy after that, and Moros Navy. So... But, Zirnitra, PhoenixNavy are a favorite, and then RevelationNavy, and then MorosNavy.

Ah, excellent, excellent. Cerym, you have asked a question that I discussed with Kremlin earlier. It says, the new Discord auth tool is rolling out permission to see all the servers I have joined as a member of Discord, I do not wish my EVE and outside life to intermingle. This is a great point. So, we talked about this earlier.

Basically, the permission is required to see that you are in the server, that you're actually in the server. We get a hash of the other servers you're in, but we do not look at them, and it doesn't say the name. So like I was saying in the Kremlin meeting, if you are in some embarrassing Amouranth fan server or something we're not looking through that.

And if even if we did look through the list, it gives us you know, a string of characters, but not like the name of the server. So we can't go down your thing and see yeah, like Ragnar is in a furry server or whatever. That's that, yeah, I totally understand that. And we wanted to get that out there.

It's, it's we're not looking through your servers and we're, if we were, we're getting a hash. Also, the tool is not completely done yet. So it's only rolled out to specific groups, so not to the wide public yet. So. Things are getting updated and we're going to update our like the authorization page as well.

If it's technically possible to just let people know what we're doing with that information. Yes, Black Ops is recruiting DIO. All right. You got questions, throw them out there again. I might've missed them while I was talking. If you have a Phoenix, well well, then you're, you're fine. That's not a problem. Regular Phoenixes are good. We're not, we're not unhappy that you have one.

[00:12:38] Kazanir: Yeah, this was asked in chat about are we decommissioning Tech One dreads? And the answer is no. They're still SRP'd, they're still supported. Bring them to fleets, get them in staging, deploy them, shoot them, lose them. But if you upgrade early, we will buy that one off of you if you're no longer using it.

Yeah, we're pushing for upgrades, but it's totally fine to have a a T1 dread and of the T1s that we most like, the Phoenix is number one. Yeah, we did drop the T2 capital requirement for phoenixes, so you do not need to have T2 capital torps for those you just need a cruise. So it is easier to train and and fit out those as far as ISK and skill points.

[00:13:12] Apple Pear: Also yesterday we did some fleets killing some structures in Delve that were structures that were abandoned from an alt corp. This just learns everybody one lesson. Please don't use alt corp things if you don't have control over those citadels, because if the person lets them go abandoned, then we shoot them so the enemy cannot kill them.

And then you lose whatever is in there, because it's for us hard to track who owns what when it drops. So my advice, use GEZs. Or if you must use them, use things from your own corp or citadels you have control over if they're not in your own corp. Because otherwise you run the risk of losing your stuff.

[00:13:51] Asher Elias: Yeah, okay. If we haven't received a replacement dread hull for SRP, we just chill and wait. Yeah, Arrakis, that was what Kaz was talking about. Is that we we basically allocated them slightly incorrectly, so we're just building more right now. So, if you haven't got one, they're in the cooker. Don't worry about it, it will be coming.

[00:14:06] Kazanir: T minus like 72 days on almost everything. Yeah. There's 72 hours. Jesus.

[00:14:11] Asher Elias: Yeah. 72 days is a lot. I was like, what, how's the progress with the war? By the way? I think calling it a war probably doesn't do the service, but they attempted to take an iHub or was that like a week and a half ago, two weeks ago?

I don't know. I didn't remember exactly, but and failed just utterly. We had a really big fight. It was, you know, it was strongly. In our favor we won the objective, we won the isk. They basically had to send out pings saying, Hey, guys, remember that Dread fight we won earlier? Yeah, we won that fight.

That's basically, that was the gist of their pings. It was, it was a really fun fight, and a lot of people said they enjoyed it. We expect them to come back with new strategies. In fact, that's what they pinged that they were gonna, that was the second part of their pings, yeah. First part is remember we won a Dread Fight, and second part was we're gonna come up with some new strategies.

So we are also doing the same, but it basically just requires good numbers to be there. They attempted to set timers this weekend, so they basically had to set the timer on Thursday to get the timers they want on Saturday, and we stopped them from setting any initials. So, so that means there's no big fight this weekend as far as iHubs go.

There are Chinese holidays coming up, so we expect them to be a lot more active during that time when they can have their guys be more effective on other days. So you know, be ready to be. Those fights, but we've had a lot of fun with them. Like after those fleets, I got a lot of positive comments from people.

Obviously, I just heard mostly from my fleet, but people in other fleets actually reached out to me and tell me how much they had fun in those fights. So it looks to be another good one coming up next. We do have some new strategies that we have in the cooker, ready to go. So you could show up and try something brand new and really fun too.

I'm still training to Tech 2 Siege on one of my Zirn pilots. Should I hold on taking him out until I get T2 siege. So this is something we were talking about and we haven't actually finalized what we wanna do on this. 'cause I, if you, if you're in the dread and actively training the T2 siege, like I know it's like, what, like a 35 day train or something like that?

It's a long train. But I, I do want you to get involved. What we don't want is someone who just sits T1 and sits there forever. So I would say, I would say get getting bring it up, get involved. If we do get in a fight and you die I would just show that you were training, you know, if you send in with your with your request, because I think there's a comment section on the SRP page, I would just show that it's in training actively right now.

And you're halfway through it, then that should be, we should be fine with SRPing that. So that's some policy that just got made. Just screencap your training, show that you didn't just start it, that you're going through it, and that should be fine. Yeah, add comments at the bottom of the thing, exactly.

Alright guys, so I've got a minute or two more, so if you've got a question, go ahead and ask it. Blade, you shouldn't be purchasing caps from a builder for SRP unless you're instructed, but we can solve that if that's what happens.

I have not bought Starfield yet. Sticks.

Will I be ordering more mild wings for tonight?

And what's the food for tonight? Did you guys just have like a splendid genesis where you both came up with the same idea at the same time? It's amazing.

[00:16:46] Apple Pear: You have a chocolate company, Asher.

[00:16:49] Kazanir: I can answer Weylan question. So, if... If you were getting SRP, but what actually happened is that you paid a builder for your dread, then we are going to send you the ISK, and we have a list of those people.

So, for example, one person built themselves their replacement dread. Right now, there's a contract to that person from DJ's retirement fund for just the ISK. And that, we have a spreadsheet that we're tracking that down. So, I think the person Weylan is asking about, I'm pretty sure actually has that outstanding and just hasn't checked yet. We are taking care of that.

[00:17:17] Asher Elias: Yeah, someone asked about pineapple on pizza. What's up with people gatekeeping toppings on pizza? Who cares? I mean, I have strong opinions on everything, and I'll act like I would, you know, fight to the death over it, but pineapple on pizza, whatever. Literally, they want pear on pizza? Okay, now I'm angry. What about apple pear on pizza?

Still have an Ashtar in FDZ from four years ago. Can we bring them back? So, Ishtars are a weird ship. HACs got nerfed, and they were already kind of weird to use. The main problem with drone doctrines... Is not so much the fighting part. It's the shooting Fortizar's and such.

They're not good for shooting structures, fortunately. And that makes them hard to work with, because you can only bring them out for certain things.

Just one one more reminder, guys. Leshaks and TFIs require the Amulet 1-5 implants as of, I think, today. Or a couple of days ago you need to keep those implants in DO6H.

So if we call for Leshaks in 1DQ and we don't do DO6H, you're not going to be required to have them. But any fleet that goes through DO6H or any TFI fleet out of there is required to have them for SRP.

Gene, what do I do if amulets and TFI are still stuck? I would see if you can scout that home or find a corp mate to help you.

That seems like something that should be able to help you with, especially from there, it's not a very long run.

How's the progress on the Palant Palpatine Keepstar? I haven't checked because we've been really busy lately. But it was like 53 last I checked. We might have ticked over to 54. But I'd have to ask one of the builder dudes.

Oh, okay. We're still at 53. All right, cool. No, we did this quicker than five in five years. It's going to be, but yeah, it's still a time. It's a little time to build for sure.

[00:18:45] Apple Pear: And now it's time to do the move up.

[00:18:47] Asher Elias: Move up and I'm gonna go watch some football. You guys have a nice day. Thanks for showing up at the fireside.

I'll see you out in space. Remember to vote, please.