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Asher Elias:

All right. Hello, hello, hello, hello. Welcome to the Fireside. Remember, if you want to ask questions, please join Elysium, the channel Elysium on Jabber. That is the general Alliance chat channel. It is where you ask the questions. It is where you clap. Unfortunately.


I have something we can do instead Asher.

Asher Elias:

Are you... what


I've been told...

Asher Elias:

You've been told what?


That Mike Flood have his sixth year in Goonswarm today.

Asher Elias:

What does that make him? 14. He joined when he was eight. Right.


Yeah, seems about right. So I think everyone should tag Mike in the Elysium.

Asher Elias:

Happy birthday, Mike Flood.

Apple Pear:

I think it's better to just eve-mail Mike. I think that's much better.

Asher Elias:

Alright, so this has been a pretty productive week here from the leadership perspective. We've got the survey results in, we're going to close the survey in a few days. So if you did not know about the survey, if this is like you were off last week. We had a survey. You guys responded at an incredible rate, way more than we expected. And, and so that was awesome. That was great. As you know, if you did the survey, there were a lot of fields that you could fill in and, you know, read the results. I committed to reading everyone. I did not expect this much, this many people, so I have not read all of them. I will do so, but it was a lot. It was a lot and I was appreciated. I appreciated, you know, you guys doing it.

I do have I do have some funny results that I've pulled out for you just to let you guys know some, some of the amusing stuff that happened. So we asked your age and probably what we should have done is a drop-down box, but we let you guys fill it in. One thing we learned is the Alliance is a little younger than we expected. Not a lot younger, but slightly more younger than I think we were guessing. Some of you put your age, like one of you guys said you were forty-two and like three-quarters, which is probably not useful information. We appreciate you guys being very clear with that. There were seven people who were 70 years old or greater. Seven people in their seventies, the oldest age, one person put 90. I'm not sure how much I trust that information. I think 90 might have been a troll answer, but there was a 78-year-old was the oldest age I found, probably credible. And yeah, seven plus people of 70 years old or greater filled out the survey. And then, yeah, there were a lot of young people. My dad is seventy-nine, but he didn't fill it out. Yeah, I mean, does your dad play Eve or is that just an information about your dad? I didn't look at the youngest. We have plenty of twenty-year-olds, and I think I looked at 19, but I didn't go lower than that. This is probably not a surprise, but you guys are overwhelmingly male. I, I'm, I'm not actually surprised by that, but yeah, there were, there were many males. In the survey and, and about the number of females that we expected.

All right. Let me ask you guys a question. Do you think there are more Euro time zone players or US time zone players? Which would you guess? I would say EU is in the lead players guessing EU. And you are correct, Europeans do outnumber the Americans. It is pretty close. It's pretty close, but you're Euro number one here.

A lot of you guys, many of you, 80% plus consider EVE to be your number one game. I don't think that's particularly surprising. EVE is a game like that where many of it, you know, it's your number one game, but 20% of you have a different number one game.

Speaking of Deutschland, we had, what country do you live in? And like 270 of you wrote Germany and one of you nerds wrote Deutschland, which is just ruining our data. Thanks for that much appreciated.

What about France? I'll look it up for you. Gimme a second, and I'll answer your question. I'm not gonna check every country, but since you asked first, I'll give you France, country, France 61 of you were French. Let me see. No one typed France and no one typed Francais. One of you did answer Quebec for your country, which is, I think, more aspirational than accurate. So that, that wasn't an appreciated answer.

The preferred fleet size for you guys is 50 plus. Those 50 and a hundred plus were the most common answers by, by quite a bit. So not shocking. And,

this was also not shocking, but most of you guys are drama pigs and we asked 1 through 10, do you like drama in Eve? And 10 was the most common answer by far, followed by 9. So many, many drama drama pigs in, in GSF.

Now here's the answer and this is the denouement for the survey, what you've all been waiting for. Checkbox, checkbox. Checkbox was the answer, and I am not kidding you. I am being absolutely serious. Checkbox was selected by sixty-nine point six-nine percent of everyone who responded that is an actual fact. Sixty-nine point six-nine. The only more goony answer possibly could have been four-two point zero. Screenshot or fake. Let me see. Well, all right. This one this one doesn't have the, the, the final digit, but I think it'll be close enough that you'll believe I'm not bullshit-y.

There you go. Yeah. I photoshopped this right now. This has been photoshopped this moment. Sir, respectfully, your response is fabricated, sir. It will never get old. All right, so that's the survey data. We're gonna be doing it for a few more days for people who missed it, and then we will be closing it. We have, like I said, the response was overwhelming. I really appreciate you guys fill, like taking the time to fill it out. Many of you guys give thoughtful responses and that is by me especially really appreciative. Just really good. When it show is 69.7, no, we truncate my friend.

Will we have access to the results, Ash? No. Correct. We're not gonna show the results. I appreciate that you wanna read them. But some of this information is super useful to us and super useful to the enemy. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna keep that private. I'm sharing the interesting stuff with you, but how many people fill out the survey? A metric shit ton is the actual measurement we got there.

Will you share something with CCP? I mean, I guess they'd have to sign an NDA. You know, it works both ways here, but Sure. That was someone else else's joke, by the way. I stole it, so it's mine now. Yeah. I stole it from Atrum. I fabricated that one. I.

For no particular reason, who lives in Fountain Initiative lives in Fountain. They are our allies.

All right, so we're gonna move on from the survey. PalatineKeepstar update 53.8%. Speaking of numbers, that is where we are now. We we did have more time to work on it in the last few weeks. So we're at 53.8%. We will keep you updated as we get closer.

If you guys have not seen this, this is like, this is my favorite video slash song this week. I'm going to paste it in here.

It's Logi is the perfect product. If you guys have not listened to this, please play it after the fireside. It's so good. It's so good. It is the perfect product.

Unknown Speaker:

You missed a pancake opportunity.

Asher Elias:

I, I, I did. You're right. Sticks. Did you wanna talk about Neutralizers before I get onto the strategic stuff?


Yeah, I'll go through it real quick.

Asher Elias:



So the fittings for all the Moroses, Revelations and the three carriers we're adding. We're upgrading the capital neuts on them. This does not mean you have to go and buy another 70 mil module. It is just it's upcycling. So the way you build those modules is you take the T1 neuts, and then you throw some garbage at it. That's pretty cheap. And then you have a meta neut. So I will post the threads that can show you how to request the item.

I have a whole bunch on Alliance contracts because the contract system is garbage. So the alliance, the contract asks for one of your T1 neuts, and then you get a meta neut.

So you have to split off exactly one energy neut to get one energy neut. If you have a pile of 10 T1 neuts and go to accept the contract, it's gonna say you don't have the item because it's garbage. So that's annoying. But for non-goon people you can go follow the thread and see how to request the item. And that'll be, that'll be pretty easy to follow. So it's only like 12 and a half mil. It's, there's not really profit. It's basically what it costs me to, to make them and seed them for you guys. And then eventually there'll be a bunch on market. So don't buy T1 neuts. You should already have them.

If you need new ones, if you're just fitting up a ship there'll be some on market that are like cheaper than the T1 neuts already. So don't go and buy T1 neuts and then upcycle them. Just, just take the ones you have now or ask me if you need to buy some. And then all the fitting threads have been updated, so.

Asher Elias:

Alright. Thanks for that Stickz. Okay. So I wanted to give you guys a strategic update on what's going on generally with the Alliance what's happening as Stickz, spams, the. Thread as is tradition in Elysium. So we are in a very interesting point right now. Basically a few weeks ago, as you saw, CCP came out with a letter and said that they have turned their eye to NullSec.

What that means for us, essentially is that we do not, we don't know what they're gonna do. I know some of you think that there is like a secret cabal of players that the CSM leaks this information to. Unfortunately for your, you know for your visions. That is not the case. Our CSMs are very, you know, studious about not not leaking NDA information, which has annoyed me in the past. But it is good for the long-term relationship with CCP.

So we don't know what is coming. We don't know what the changes will be, but we do know that the eye of Sauron is upon us. Yes. Squid. So the, here's the TLDR is that we are gonna wait till they announce what they're gonna do before we make any major moves.

I'll give you guys a rundown of what is happening right now. So Horde has a Keepstar in F4R2, which is in Catch. They may drop another Keepstar in HY- as they own that I-hub, and they can jam it now. That would put them one jump from our Keepstar, which would be a pretty interesting situation. They have been attacking the, you know, the HY- fort and reffing it. And essentially not following up, you know, I was watching it last night for the armor timer, and they formed 13 CFIs came in system and just decided no and left. So we didn't even form because their 13 CFIs were not you know, not sufficient for them.

So Horde has, I shouldn't say Horde. Gobbins has been talking to, as far as I can tell, essentially every person that's surrounding us and threatening them to you know, give Horde you know, rights or a NIP or jump bridges or anything else. And I believe his plan, he hasn't stated this, but what I believe his plan is, he's trying to erect a great wall of China around us. Now that Zarzak lets the Chinese to come through and he thinks that will keep us trapped in here, is what I think he believes will happen.

What is actually happening is that he has now set up a series of people who have been threatened by him and will now rely on him for defense. And it means that we can attack in any direction. So if he plans to contain us, then it will be a a tiring thing to maintain that containment. Yes, it is indeed a target-rich environment. So we have a Keepstar in F4R2 that we can attack at any point in any time. And that would mean calling for many of you to, you know, alarm clock for that fight.

But I know at least... X if you'd like to eventually take that fight X if that's something you would alarm clock for. Yeah, a whole lot of X's. That's kind of what I thought. So that's something that we've been thinking about, you know, when we want to do that, we can ring that bell at any time and make them come and defend it. So that's something that is in the future. I won't say the near future. Right now we're in Chinese Lunar New Year. So it would probably be like the worst time ever to attack it, but it certainly can happen you know, in the near future.

Now, I know I've talked about this before. I know I said, Hey their whole plan is to start an offensive, to be annoying. Never follow up on timers and then try to get you to attack them. And, and that's their goal. And I realized, I said, Hey, that's like, you know that's what they want and that is true. That is what they want. But sometimes what we want and what they want can be, you know, aligned. I, I don't mind attacking it because it gives us something to do, even if it is an alarm clock. So that is the plan, but we don't have a particular time.

The Southeast agreement expires in the next couple of weeks, so that'll be something that'll change as well. And those alliances will be liable to be attacked by Imperium and other people. I'd say it's unlikely to see a, a coalition-level fight going on over there, but you maybe see some of our individual alliances get involved if they choose. That's not something I really plan to constrain them on unless it's you know, of dire importance.

Should we take free from work for the rest of the year? I mean, squid, if you can afford to do so, I mean, why not just do it? Just live your best life.

So just to give you like the TLDR like I did at the start. We're gonna watch and see what CCP does before we commit to any major like campaign. I think being mid-campaign when they announce something would be pretty awful. For those of you semi-old heads. You may remember when we were mid-campaign and they unleashed —. I can't even remember what those rats are called, —, but those rats that attacked your structures and this Drifters. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. And for some reason who, who, who, who can guess? Delve had like four times the rats that anyone else got, four times the spawn points.

So that was weird. Very odd. So we're gonna wait and see what CCP announces. That doesn't. So we, we won't necessarily wait for implementation, but we wanna see what their plans are before we make any big plans ourselves. We don't wanna get caught with our pants down on an offensive with, with a huge change coming in that we might have to immediately cancel the offensive. So look for content. Sorry, I'm really tired of that word content. I'm trying to say the word action. Look for action around around our home. Look for that. Keepstar and F4R and potential HY- if they drop one as potential targets. And then smaller stuff.

Let me commend people like Arkadios, Alterarri, Tetrakill doing like an extremely good job going into their space, going into Catch, going into Highsec, going everywhere and putting in the effort. And I don't know if you guys saw, but another Horde, FC has left the building and they have joined Initiative.

The the brain drain is very, very obvious. These people are using, or sorry, losing just tons of talent. And these FCs that are leaving are, are basically saying that Gobbins tells them not to come and fight us. That his plan is to pour us to death. And instead they're getting bored to death. I get to watch the, I get to watch the surveys, sorry, the surveys. I get to watch the, the pings. I get to watch their pings and they are pinging their guys to death. I don't know if you've ever were, have been a part of this, but it's very, a very obvious pattern. I don't wanna give them any, any solutions because, you know, don't help your enemy when they're making a mistake. But they're pinging five times for fleets. You know, when Arcadius goes in there, they're dropping five pings to defend against him. And that's that's really good for us.

So. What I'm gonna say is the state of our alliance is really strong. We are in the endgame right now of, of the rebuilding period. When I took over you know, one battle, one relatively large subcap battle was an SRP strain and a concern, and something I had to worry about. It was, it was really rough. We're no longer in that position anymore. We're in the end game of, of the rebuild slash catch up that we had to do, and that's a lot of credit to our leadership and a lot of credit to you.

So what that means is that we are in the final days of build your dreads and focus on that that is the final focus. If you guys are not, if you guys are not grinding to get dreads right now, you are doing it wrong. That is the final key to unlock what we need. We have come up back up to parity in many ways with our enemy, and that is the one thing that we continue to lack parity in.

And I'm just not going to take a fight and whelp a, a dread bomb to show you guys that we're gonna use them. And that has been something that people have been asking. It's not gonna happen. Build your dreads, get into them and get ready to fight. That's the future. The near future is near home. The, the longer future will be determined by the CCP changes, which I think are going to be big. I don't know what they're gonna do, but I have a feeling they'll be big.

So the state of our Alliance is strong. It is indeed strong. It has been growing. We've been doing great. I'm extremely, extremely happy with where we are. You know I was, you know, I, I was shocked at the amount of work that we needed to do when we took over, and it's a credit to our leadership how well it's gone. I don't take any of the credit myself, of my, for myself. We have a great leadership team. And these guys gimme a ton of good ideas and they implement a lot of them themselves. And it's just, I'm just really happy with everyone. I'm happy with our state.

So the final thing is we, I see a lot of you grinding out there. I see a lot of you making money. Get those Dreads, get them ready. That's what I need you guys to do. Look for, look for fights near home, in the near future and in the medium future. Let's see what CCP does and then we'll get ready for something bigger.

Okay, I'm ready to take questions. Go ahead and shoot them at me.

Can we get a shout out to Gooniversity? Gooniversity has been growing and doing great stuff, so they're being, it's really nice that we're helping newbies in a very, like, clear way all under one roof. I love what's going on there. So there's the shout out.

Please train Zirnitras. Yes. That's good question... that's a good shout out like Zirnitras. Anyway, we have a forum post for the Dread Info. We have a, a Dread thread that you can read and it tells you, which, you know, gives you a little blurb on each one and and like why they're good.

Can we get a shout out to cat ears? No we cannot. If you like R64 ore, join Locusts. Did you guys see the mining information on the MER? We are mining way more than anyone else, which is awesome 'cause our production is going up. Those go hand-in-hand. Thank you guys who are mining. Thank you guys who are building awesome.

What do I call my Zirn? Zirny McZirnface.

Yes. Ghoster says data Stormbringer ratting is the best mining option out there. So if you want to get in Stormbringer ratting, it does require eh four accounts minimum five is better. I understand that that is something that people, are not necessarily ready to commit in initially for Theta is doing a thing where you can bring one stormbringer. I joined them for like three hours the other day. You can bring one stormbringer and they have a system to share the loot with you. So if you want to get one stormbringer and have a guide who will show you what to do, and it's not very hard, but I understand when you're learning it, they, it's, it is very hard. This, you can go there, bring your one Stormbringer, you will get a cut of the loot and you will get a, you'll get your money, your ticks obviously. So that's a great thing to join. Theta is doing that now. Anyone can join Theta and they're ready to help you out there. Stormbringer ratting is, it is mining and ratting at the same time because you do create so much rat poop that there is a serious amount of of minerals that you get out of shooting rats, which is awesome.

Also lemme talk about Crabquals. I haven't mentioned those for a while. If you want to make a lot of isk, running beacons, Crabquals are a huge way to do it. Do you know how I know Crabquals are strong? It is because I know that our enemies are complaining about them and trying to get CCP to nerf them.

That means they hate them. That means they are good. So if they're complaining about them and trying to get them to nerf them, that means they're good. Crabquals are something to look into. What other questions do we have...

Ranger Gama:

Crabquals guys, we do have a red Loot buyback program. You can sell it to the Alliance and get ISK right on the spot.


God's Rage asks what to get after the dreads. The answer is you get a second dread so you can jump back in if you die or you train a second dread pilot. Let me actually continue on the Dreadnoughts topic. You may not be aware this program has existed for a long time, but if you're upgrading to your First Navy Dread or to a zirn, and you have a tech I Dreadnought that you no longer will use and you wanna trade it in, as a matter of fact, the Alliance has a program for that. If you are buying a Navy issue Dreadnought or a Zirnitra from any producer in the Alliance, this is available to everyone. It's been posted in Kunmi's thread for a long time, but it's not, you know, private to him. It's also in my thread, which I will now link.

You can check out the prices. You can trade in a Tech One, Dreadnought once per pilot to, to get a big discount on your Navy issue or your Zurnitra upgrade.

Asher Elias:

So. Yeah, Zirns and Navy dreads are way better than regular dreads. Way better. So someone just mentioned that and I think that was Stickz and they are correct.


There's a question in chat about third-party tools. We're working on putting together like a forum and wiki compendium of like recommended, vetted, etc. Tools for people to use. So look for that in the next week or two.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, we basically adopted a policy where, we have a lot of people who are coding tools and that's awesome. But these tools have access to data that is very sensitive. And so we are essentially making sure that those tools are not spying on you. And we've turned off auto updates on any approved tools so that they can't update and then use that to spy on you. That is an attack vector that we're very concerned about.

So we are going to be putting, like Sniper said, a a compendium of approved tools that we have looked through and we have vetted and we're asking all developers to follow that. A couple developers have had an issue with that, but the vast majority of them are on board with it. And this is a very sensible policy that essentially anyone who does this has. So it's not it's, we're not outside of the mainstream at all here.


There's the skills planner. If you want to start training new characters you can also train alts so you can multi-box. Yeah, multi-boxing is big, strong.

Asher Elias:

And multi-boxing dreads is not hard. You know, it's one of those things where it's not super skill intensive, but we want you guys to be running as many dreads as possible. I have recently got four more Zirns up and ready running on my accounts. So,


another strong thing is even Subcap fleets bring, bring boosting ships. Have your main in the F1 ship that is shooting the guns and bring recons or command ships or dictors and hictors on the alts, that is super powerful, big force multiplier.

If, if you have a hundred man fleet and people are multi boxing you could have a 200 man fleet. So big multi boxing. Big, big, strong.

Asher Elias:

FileTagan and Tyrone Steele both talk about cap training classes. We have something coming up on that pretty soon. Illum guys, are we ready to roll with that or that might be a next week thing, but yeah, we're gonna have that soon. TM.

What dread is preferred? Excellent question. Zirnitra Phoenix Navy issue are even, then right behind that is Revelation Navy issue. Then behind that is Moros Navy. And revs and phoenixes and then way behind that are nags.


There's no last dread. It stops at Moros.

Asher Elias:

Yeah. Yeah. If you have an nag, it's okay, you can keep it.

But that, that is our order of preference for new ones. And I actually Kaz, I'd say Phoenix is higher on that list, probably closer to RNI, but yeah, it's Zirns, Phoenix Navy Issues, Rev Navy Issues are all our favorites and we like Phoenix's a lot too. Rublex, I'm not sure if I answer. I get your question.

Maybe you could restate it. Any dread is better than no dread. That is correct, but a better dread is better than less dread.

Better dread.


There is no Nag fleet issue in the Doctrine, by the way.

Asher Elias:

No, don't upgrade your T1 Nag. Yeah. Naglfar fleet issue is a good ship for like certain things, but not for fleets.

Jason Kusion asked about getting more recommended upgrades on fitting threads, looking for more bling, especially in caps. So essentially if you roll PGU and CPU that are bad, but it still fits, that shouldn't be a problem, Jason. That, that, that should generally not be a problem. But I don't think we can, I don't think we have the bandwidth to go through and figure out the exact number of CPU or, or power grid that you can, you know, drop and it still work.

Vehment is not, I mean, that, that's just a dread for you to have fun. And if you want legit data, like that's. Those faction, dreads are, are not useful in the sense of one faction dread is not powerful in a, in a group. It, it is not powerful. It, you know, it's just another dread. If you wanna run one and you wanna lose it, that's fine. We we're not, we're like the only group that doesn't really care if you lose, like you know, and an eighty-billion-ish dread on your own you know, like, you know, with a, with a bomb. But just be aware they're not any better. It's just, it's just for you to feel cool. Yeah.


Look up a loggerhead, look up Zkill Loggerhead, and the last loss, and you'll see why capital faction and pirate capitals are not particularly great.

Asher Elias:

Once again. I, so just to discuss that welp, but I don't even care about it. But like losing 12 battleships that we, that, you know, that welp was 12 marshals and a loggerhead that has no strategic loss at all. Like, I, I, I did not spend a minute worrying about that. Like I said, we are, we are basically the only alliance that allows people to fly those pimp fits if they want to. Because we do not care about the killboard, we care about the strategic sense. So yeah, if you wanna fly your twenty-five-billion ISK Marshalls on stupid idiot fleet, then they're gonna die. You know. You know it. Eventually they'll die. Hope you'll have fun until they do. That's our, that's our view on that.

But yeah, obviously the number one thing you can train is, you know, Zirns and Phoenix Navys if you know, if, but if you feel the need to spend eight dreads worth on, one dread, you can do it. We're not gonna, we're not your parents. We're not here to stop you. Yeah. Also, it is called Stupid Idiot Fleet. So anyone who expect that anything less is, is a stupid idiot.

When are we getting a proper heaven dump? Heaven dump is actually, I think it needs to be fixed a little bit, so I'll check.

Yeah. Someone addressed the triglavian remote rep fits. There is some scenarios where they could be good, but generally they're, the way they're balanced though is not great.

Drake Navy doctrine when? We've looked at it. I think Janelle really likes the DrakeNavy. He keeps, he keeps like pitching me on Drakes and Drake Navy's. But we'll see.

Did I miss the padded BR you were gonna send out? Yeah, I already sent one out with an Alliance Tournament loss mail on our side. They've, they've been doing that even more by the way, like a couple days ago they sent out a one that added some some systems that were utterly unrelated to their, their BR to the members. This kind of obsession with, with battle reports is, is culturally quite bad. It leads to you doing things like, you know, telling your FCs not to go to certain places because you're feeding, right? Like it's, it's just, it's just really bad. But we are thankful our enemies do it.

Any useful job for drekavacs in sights? Dragon? Yeah, I do have one. But that's in the near to midterm. We'll see,

if someone's asking about an alligator doctrine unlikely at the moment, too expensive.

Dock up your faction supers. I don't want them to win the BR because of faction supers. Yeah, that's exactly the attitude we want to avoid. And it's just something that I don't care about. I care about winning fights. I don't care what the BR says.

Yeah. I mean, people can do alligators in small gangs. It it, it's just one of those things that as an Alliance doctrine, it wouldn't scale appropriately.

Fuck it. We've all exactly global tell all your faction titans to de-aggress or whatever. I don't want them getting an easy win on the battle report because of fucking faction titans. Yep. That was the famous thing that was such a meme for a long time. And the, the funny part about it was. The only reason we gotta hear that was because there was some, some lady was streaming that fight and she was on like their, their global, their command comms and she streamed the command comms. That was, that was strictly like, I don't know why that happened. I can't remember all the details, but I do remember that, that basically we shouldn't have heard that, but we did and thank goodness for it.

When is the next Stormbringer fleet? Quads Viper, excellent question. So we've had a sort of a chicken and egg scenario where we need more people with Stormbringers so we don't, you know, ping them as much because we need more people. I'll probably try to get a push to get more people into it and then make sure that we get a fleet or two going using them. So it, it's something that's on my mind.

"I just trained four Stormbringers for that." Yep. I mean, that's the nice thing about training Stormbringers right now is it is, it is like the most scalable way to to make money. Not only do you get a lot of is from doing it like, but like I mentioned earlier you get a lot of rat poop and that rat poop is extremely valuable right now. So you're basically mining with guns. Awesome.

As PH is spidering out there is though there are a way we can help them unspider, I.E. we start to undo some of their infrastructure and systems. That's, Insidean, that is a great question. So you're already seeing something like that with you know, with what's going on with Alterari, with Arkadios, with Tetra and there's other fcs. I'm sorry I'm not getting everyone. But those guys, those three have been really dedicated to it. So I wanted to mention it, but that's already happening. And we're in the early stages of that. So what I wanted to convey with the Alliance update is that, you know, what our plans are for the short and medium term. And I, there's more of that to come. Like I said right now, yeah, Asher hates themanJR. That's a good point. I don't actually hate him, but I should have mentioned him.

Want to buy offensive bashing sig. Zach Power, that's something and then if you wanna lead it, that'd be pretty good. A sig I would love, I would love to have, right now this is something like, if this sounds, you know, appealing to you, essentially this is how my Reaver SIG got started, is we just went and lived in enemy space, logged out there and logged back in, and started bashing and just waited till they came and then fought them. Then did it again. I would love for someone to do that. If that sounds like something you want to lead, we would love someone to do that. I unfortunately do not have the time while I also run the Alliance and Coalition to do that, even though that would be my desire. So that's something we could definitely use.

Why not stage in Geminate? I don't think that'd be a great idea because they, you get a really easy very easily see you coming. It's one of those things you need to really fully commit to, to make it work, in my opinion. Sorry. Yeah, I just had a, I just had a fever dream about the Reavers thing. I don't know what I'm talking about.

What region would you prefer to be bashed? That's not something I would talk about on the fire side.

Other than dreads and dread pilots, what else could we as individual players focus on to or contribute? That's a good question. Insidion. So, you know, rising waters raise all boats. And if you get yourself wealthy and fat on the the land, then you will be helping out, right? That's the kind of thing where if you are making isk and you're buying stuff outta the economy, you're contributing. If you're mining, if you're producing that's all good stuff. The number one thing I'm talking about is dreads. And then if you don't have you know, a, a copy of each doctrine ship, that's obviously something you can do.

PI PI is extremely important.

Yeah, you can fly the perfect product, which is Logi. Make sure you watch the video after the fireside.

Where does Zirn BPCs come from? When a mother Zirn and a daddy Zirn love each other very much a stork delivers them.

Burn Jita? Good question. Probably not in the near term, CCP kind of nerfed bumping and other mechanics for high sec ganking and it really makes Burn Jita much, much, much, much harder to run.

What should be rolling our Zirn damage mods for damage or rate of fire. Excellent question. Bashti, it is rate of fire that you wanna roll for over damage. Yeah. ascee is gate camping out there in Catch, which is excellent. I appreciate that.

Yeah, Thorn. It does spool faster. That's why rate of fire is better on trick weapons than almost any other gun.

Okay, well we've been here for forty-five minutes. I feel like that is a nice long fireside. I thank you guys for coming. I had a fun time telling you about the survey we are doing a few more days of that. Make sure you watch the perfect product video and make sure you're training for dreads. I appreciate all of you.

Thank you, sir. Appreciate you, sir, for coming. Have a good week.