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Jabber is an IM protocol which offers secure chatter, chat rooms, contact groups (all the directors are in one group so you can see who's on and get in touch etc). You log into it with your external services login and password (https://goonfleet.com/esa/). You can hang out with your corpmates while you're at work, school or otherwise not playing winning eve. Besides, directors and Coordinators always send out important op announcements as Jabber broadcasts. Being logged into jabber is the primary means of receiving information about fleets via directorbot announcements. You should always have your jabber client open.

A word about fullscreen games and Jabber

Some combinations of hardware and settings have trouble with Fullscreen graphics modes and things that give popup notifications/flash their window title bars. Sometimes, when this happens, the graphics memory is corrupted, leading to graphical glitches, lockups, and crashes, These problems can be unpredictable, and can strike at any time, even where they have never happened before for years. We recommend running EVE in Window Mode (hyperlink to EvE Settings - Window mode headline) so that you can switch back and forth between Jabber and other out of game tools safely, and so that notifications from your Jabber client don't crash your game. This problem is not unique to EVE, it is an inherent problem of fullscreen graphics modes and GPUs.


Jabber itself is pretty secure, as it is hosted internally. The risk of an OPSEC breach only comes into play if spies gain access (happens all the time) or someone connects using a web service or client that is run by and "phones home" to a hostile entity.


This section describes in broad terms how to configure a jabber client to connect to Goonfleet's jabber service.

How do I log in?

Things You Need

  • An ESA password
  • Don't have one yet? Go here https://goonfleet.com/esa/ and make one.
  • Already have one but forgot it? Go here https://goonfleet.com/esa/ and reset it.
  • Your ESA username, which is located at https://goonfleet.com/esa/ under Jabber.
  • A Jabber client, you can find a list of supported clients down below in the Jabber Clients section. Pidgin is the 'official' client of Goonfleet and if you don't have a preference you should default to it. If you need support for other clients just ask.


Your protocol needs to be set to XMPP Connect to goonfleet.com (May be listed as Domain). Depending on your ISP, 'goonfleet.com' might not work, in which case you should use 'jabber-server.goonfleet.com'. Username will be the ESA username and the password will be the ESA password. All communication between the client and the server is encrypted. You will need to make sure that your client supports TLS and has it enabled. Note: SSL is not the same as TLS. If your client supports SSL but not TLS you probably will not be able to connect.

I just connected... what do I do?

Wait to get a message from "Directorbot". It is used by the alliance to ping for fights, announcements/shit posts, and other shenanigans. Check if your corp has a jabber channel. Join it and make your corp wonder why they let you in at all. Check out the chat "elysium", the alliance's jabber channel where you can enjoy the same high class wit and humor as the in game alliance channel If you join a SIG or Squad (you should) make sure to join their jabber channels for updates, pings and other info you may need. If you're having trouble logging in through Pidgin, visit Pidgin (hyperlink Pidgin)

Ping This

Certain rooms in Jabber will allow you to use a ping request.

  • !bping plus a group name will cause those in the group to receive a notification that their attention is needed

Jabber culture 101

In general

Don't be that guy. Mentioning blue (friendly) fleets and/or capital class ships in any channel is a big no-no. Don't do that. That includes both in-game and jabber channels. The only way to get fleet broadcasts is to receive a message from directorbot - if you receive a broadcast, you are eligible to join the fleet. There are no public channels with broadcasts.

Group chats

These function much like channels on IRC do. Assume most people in the channel are AFK or Doing Things(TM). You can ping them (mention their name) and they will most likely reply when they are back. Do not ping people unnecessarily. Feel free to talk, but don't sperg too much. Join the Gooniversity (Hyperlink Gooniversity) channel if you have any questions.

Direct chat with someone

These work more like an IM/Email hybrid. Unlike other IM protocols, if they are not online the Jabber server will store the message for them until they get online*. Just like group chats, expect people to be AFK. Try to write down what you want of them in 1-3 messages - they will reply when they are able to. Don't "hey" and wait for them to respond.

What's Available?

Elysium is a public channel with all the directors for general discussion as well as serious questions. gs_isk covers everything having to do with making ISK - markets, production, reaction, even the occasional ratting discussion Various Social Swarms exist for various communities and interests. Users are allowed to create other conference rooms. They can be private or public, the choice is yours. The Directors group has been published but until the presence issue is fixed the remaining groups will remain 'hidden' to avoid possibly breaking things more GSF member corps have conferences, join yours today! SIG conferences are a thing!

Jabber Clients

The following is a list of Jabber clients people have been using with the Goonfleet Jabber service as well as a link to configuration information and FAQs specific to Goonfleet where available.

Windows, Mac, Linux

Pidgin -- The most powerful and popular cross-platform client Mac OS: Adium -- Easy to install with simple configuration and a nice interface and it now supports channel lists

Emote Packs for Pidgin


File:GSF Emotes.zip - Has emote menu. (May break jabber)

File:GSF Emotes no menu.zip - Doesn't have emote menu.

For Windows 10 or later, extract the contents of the zip file to %APPDATA%\.purple\smileys. Then open Tools > Preferences from the Pigdin Buddy List or from the right-click menu on the Pidgin system tray icon, select the Themes tab, and select the "SA-GF Pack" as your Smiley Theme. You may need to restart Pidgin for the option to populate.


Xabber -- Preferred Android Client blabber.im Trillian IMO


  • Trillian works for receiving directorbot pings and 1on1 conversations (no group chat). Configuration similar to Xabber.
  • Chat Secure For iOS, open sourced. Limited, no channel names, can't disable bubbles. Need to set encryption to plaintext. No push.
  • Trillian Limited chat capabilities, but the best iOS client for receiving pings. Can be used alongside Talkonaut.
  • Instantbird -- Newer client, similar functionality to Pidgin but uses the Mozilla Toolkit (GTK+ sucks in Windows)
  • Gajim
  • Miranda
  • PSI - Mac.
  • Spark
  • BitlBee: An advanced mobile solution that requires server-side hosting -- Info and FAQs


  • Conversejs -- a full browser jabber client, in case there is no other way, supports both pings and chatrooms
  • Deprecated Clients
  • Talkonaut -- The most fully featured iOS client. Log in with just your username@goonfleet.com and password. It supports features like changing your default nickname, disabling the (awful) chat bubble display format, and changing the topic.
  • Meebo - This is web based. The Android client doesn't seem to support group chats. (Absorbed by Google)
  • Bother
  • Exodus
  • iChat -- Doesn't support passworded rooms, also no channel list.
  • Pandion

Important FAQs

Is Jabber only for Goonfleet?

No! Any corporation with forums access (IE, all GS corps + Allies) can sign up!

Where does it live?

Goonswarm runs a Jabber server at conference.goonfleet.com. Unless you are using a client that specifically requires it for some reason you should not enter this hostname into your client.

Why not IRC?

Because you need to have one unified method for joe average and people like cap pilots and directors, and jabber allows much enhanced security for those other groups. If all else fails, use SPARK but the fucker's based on Java and is horribly slow and buggy.

If some important shit comes up people can send out broadcasts and tell you to log in and x cause seriously OUR PARTICIPAISHUN BACKBOAN!!

How do I hide "User joined/left the room"?

For Pidgin users: Simply open your Buddy Window, select the Tools drop-down menu, then select Plugins. Check the "Join/Part Hiding" option.

For Trillian Users: Go to Trillian Menu -> Settings -> IM Accounts. Click on your Jabber account then click on Settings. In settings window click on Miscellaneous then uncheck 'Show join/part events in group chat windows'. Note, you'll need to restart Trillian for this to work.