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Joined Goons in May 2020

Passed away in September 2021 after losing the battle against terminal illness.

Oldman Keith was generous gentleman with a big heart, a member of our community and a loved person by many.

Keith Loved his cider and he loved EvE, he loved 4S and never asked anything back for helping and staying with us on comms even in the darkest of moments of the war. He helped members of the GSF community as well and will be remembered for this. He also liked to listen to Mind1 and chill on comms with us.


"I only knew Keith for a short time near the end of his life, but the impact he had on our community and me personally was immense. He was very stoic in the face of what was coming. Even towards the end, he was more concerned about others than himself. Meeting a person so generous not only in support but also in teaching what it means to be a genuinely grand person, is something that will stay with me forever."

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Yes he was also a Hockey fan