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What is OPSEC?

Operations Security (OPSEC) is a way of keeping information about our alliance and its operations away from enemy spies. Since the invasion of the south, we have been subject to spies in our corp, on our forums and in our gangs. OPSEC is a way of minimizing the likelihood of sensitive information leaking to our enemies.

OPSEC is not hard. It is mostly common sense and if you can't follow it you are most likely a moron or a pubbie and need to GTFO.

General OPSEC

Do not give any information in public channels

This includes Channel passwords, Fleet/Gang locations, Names of Fleet Commanders, or pretty much anything that could be of any use to our enemies. Even in private channels (and especially in password-protected channels), there is a good chance the channel is compromised, so talking about any sensitive information should be limited to private conversations or gang/fleet chat whenever possible.

No blue intel

Because of the sheer number of allies that have access to intel channels, it's safe to assume they are compromised. Do not report anything about blues to the intel channels, and do not talk to your fleet about other blue fleets that may be out and about, unless it's part of the orders you have been given by your fleet commander.

Be careful what you say in local

Don't post anything that could help the enemy in local. If you aren't sure, DON'T POST IT. Post fofofo and ASCII art instead.

Be aware of externally-developed and/or externally-hosted utilities

There are many utilities that we use that were developed by someone not in the Imperium, are hosted by someone not in the Imperium, or a combination of the two. Be aware that your favorite mapping tool or mobile mail client could be reporting information back to the developer, who may be affiliated with a hostile or neutral group. Tools that require API access are most susceptible to this possible issue, only give externally hosted/developed tools the bare minimum of access to your API.

Fleet/Gang OPSEC

  • All of these apply in a gang or operation unless you are specifically told that OPSEC has been lifted by the FC or a director.
  • Do not give away gang locations or objectives
  • Do not state gang locations, destinations, composition, objectives, who the fc is or anything at all about the op that could be used against us in general channels while you are still under OPSEC. General channels include all intel and private channels, Alliance, Corp and your squad channel.
  • Do not talk about Caps/Supercaps on Mumble
  • Do not talk about Capital Ships in Mumble unless it's been brought up numerous times by the FC and it's obvious he doesn't give a shit (and you shouldn't really do it then). There is always the ever present threat of spies and it's really easy for someone to idle in Mumble without actually being in fleet (especially in big important ops that are probably using Capital ships).
  • Do not post op details on the forums

If you can't talk about it in Goonswarm General Bullshit (GFGBS), you can't post it on the forums, unless the FC specifically says so. General comments should be ok (e.g "Oh god we just murdered an LV fleet"), but no specific information about anything (ie, we just put 1 tower into reinforced we're anchoring a new one now) until the FC says it is ok.


Streaming of fleet ops is generally prohibited without the express consent of the Fleet Commander. Many FCs will be happy to allow you to stream, but you have to ask in advance, every time.

Even when you have permission to stream, there are a few rules to follow.

  • Do not stream comms.
  • Mask sensitive information on your screen. This includes intel channels, fleet chat, broadcast windows, logi channels, and the watchlist.
  • Have a delay on your stream and make sure that delay is acceptable to the FC. Usually 5-10 minutes is ok.
  • If friendly capitals or supers enter the field, shut the stream down immediately.
  • If you are asked by the FC to shut down the stream, do so immediately.