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As one of the oldest continually extant player organizations in EVE Online, the Imperium hosts a wealth of experience, much of which was earned through trials and harsh lessons unique to the game. Organizations of our size require policies - rules that govern in-game behavior - to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, whether our own or not.

When reading these policies, consider the spirit of the law and not just the strict letter. Trying to lawyer your way around these policies by following the letter and ignoring the spirit is a fast way to exit the coalition. This is not because the Directorate are intolerant overlords; the goal is for all members of the coalition to have fun playing EVE and enjoy the game to the fullest. Running an organization of this sheer scale in one's free time requires a great deal of effort, and thus must be efficient. Allowing drama to overtake the coalition is inefficient, thus, those who cause drama are quickly introduced to the exterior side of an airlock as an example.

Benevolent dictatorship has limits, and those limits are listed here. For ease of understanding, they are broken into sections.

Imperium Policies

These are policies that apply to the entire coalition. If you have questions, please contact Corps Diplomatique.

GoonSwarm Policies

These are policies that only apply to members of the Goonswarm Federation alliance. If you have questions, please use the Ask A Director forum to post them.

Other Policies

These are policies that apply in specific, special cases applicable to each policy.