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Ret Vetting will reset ALL of your groups. You will need to reapply to any groups you were in. This is mostly important if you are switching from one member corp to another, since if you are returning you should not be in any groups.

Some member corps have their own auth systems / requirements. We will not be covering those here.

Register all Characters on ESI

All accounts, whether in the Imperium, neutral alts, or alts in hostile alliances (please see the Hostile Alts Policy) are required to be registered on services. If you have a question of "Should I register this alt", the answer is probably yes.

  • Go to and login.
  • Make sure all of your characters are listed, and showing "OK"
  • If any are Red, or Not listed, click "register a character" and re add them / add them.
  • Wait 2 hours for everything to update

Time to retvet

Once everything has updated, we can retvet. Please note, if you are swapping from one member corp to another, this is resetting your primary group, and will remove you from ALL group memberships. You should have your main character already in your new member corp.

If you are a returning player, this should be less of an issue, just make sure that it is your main character listed in your new member corp on the page.

You have now retvetted!

Please see Services Setup to get online. Remember to reapply to groups you are eligible for by following their instructions. You can apply to groups on