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Please feel free to copy/paste/pin this post or any part of it to your Corp forums so your members can quickly see what GSF organizations are recruiting and what their options are. Each organization has different requirements for membership (some of them have none) so please read their recruitment threads carefully. Any questions about a specific SIG/Squad should be asked in their respective recruitment thread.

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Alliance Organizations

Mission Critical organizations that are not really Squad/SIGs

  1. The Black Hand - Intelligence Community
  2. Ministry of Truth - Audio/Visual propaganda organization
  3. Goonwiki Janitors - Part of Gooniversity. Responsible for maintaining the Wiki.
  4. Goonswarm Offensive Logistics (GSOL) - The logistical backbone of the Imperium. Only recruits as needed.
  5. Corps Diplomatique - Diplomatic organization. Only recruits a few times a year, watch for announcements.
  6. Reimbursement Team - Runs the ship reimbursement program. Only recruits a few times a year. Watch for announcements.
  7. Gooniversity - New to EVE and need help? Been gone for years? Start by joining this group.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Alliance level groups typically managed by GSF Directors, with some exceptions, and working on a clear Alliance driven mandate.

  1. Skirmish Commanders - Entry level group for people wanting to run fleets. The Skyteam of tomorrow.
  2. Capswarm and Heal Team Six - Carrier/Dreadnought/FAX pilots.
  3. Fight Club and Titanswarm - Supercarrier/Titan pilots (Previously SuperTits).
  4. Gooniversity Faculty - Help with handouts, mentorships and other Gooniversity programs.
  5. Beehive - Your one stop shop for capital ratting in delve.
  6. Guardbees - Babysitters with guns.
  7. Bomberwaffe - For pilots that enjoy flying stealth bombers and associated support ships.
  8. Reavers - For pilots that like to operate in enemy space flying a range of doctrines.
  9. Ministry of Love - Gank in Highsec to cripple hostile logistic networks and bring tears.
  10. Linkswarm - Booster pilots providing combat fleet boosting.
  11. Black Ops - Small gang advanced PVP frequently within enemy space.
  12. Scouts - Scout hostile staging systems providing strategic intelligence to friendly fleets and leadership.
  13. Incursions - As the name implies, a group for incursion runners.
  14. Repswarm - Groups for logistics pilots.
  15. Scanner Bees - Scouts wormhole / Drifter routes for use by the Alliance.
  16. Insurgent Squad - For awoxing horde and many other dishonorable actions.
  17. Faction Bees - SF's Faction Warfare SIG
  18. Goonswarm Offensive Entosis - For spamming hostiles with notifications, stealing their space, and generating fight timers.
  19. Locust - Premier mining SIG
  20. Totality Squard - SIG for all things related to Pochven.


Player led organizations with very little Alliance controls. Can be created by anyone by following processes laid out here.

  1. Space Violence - Small to medium size PVP, frequently deployed outside of Delve.
  2. RU.Squad - Russian SIG focusing on mid-scale PVP in EUTZ. Now accepting English speaking memebers.
  3. Asshole Squad - Dedicated to our downunder members and anyone else sharing that timezone.
  4. Dragon Fleet - Dedicated to our Chinese speaking members.
  5. Welp Squad - Small to medium size PVP, cheap ships often deep in enemy space.
  6. Genesis Squad - The Wormhole Hive
  7. Rán Squad - LowSec Piracy - EU/USTZ
  8. Hood Rats - Dedicated to those that like to do hood rat things.

Social Swarms

  1. Sirenswarm - For the women of the alliance
  2. Frenchswarm - Bienvenu à toi, valeureux francophone !
  3. Habla GSF - Dedicated to our Spanish speaking members.
  4. Lusoswarm - Dedicated to our Portuguese speaking members.
  5. Polishswarm - Dedicated to our Polish speaking members.
  6. Hunswarm - Dedicated to our Hungarian speaking members.
  7. European Goonion - European Goons.
  8. Queerswarm - Dedicated to the LGBTQ+ Community.
  9. Theta - Making isk, and talking shit.
  10. Sigma - Chill group, beyond that not a clue if they even exist.