State of the Goonion Transcript 4 Mar 2k23

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Hey guys, I'm a little sick. So if you hear me pausing it's probably to cough
But I didn't want to miss the didn't want to miss the State of the Union. So I'm here. Okay. All right
Hello everyone. Like I said, I'm a little sick. So if you just bear with me, I'm sorry for any pauses
Probably just me stopping to cough, but I definitely did not want to miss this. All right. Hello my friends
It's been a bit over seven months since I took over as your leader
And now is the time to update you as to where we stand
When I took over we were still looking for our life in the most pappy world
We had just defeated the largest coalition the game had ever seen but although we were victorious
We were robbed of a true foe we committed to burn every ship to the ground like giddy fools
We text you yelled death at each other before the second m2
Our resolve was unbreakable and why shouldn't it be together?
We play a game where if we lost everything now, what would go hungry?
No families will be put on the street our worst possible outcome was the loss of time
It took us to get some holes and the increasing bunch of our friendship to each other
It seemed like a good way to lose if it came down to it
Unfortunately, we were not blessed with a sort of enemy on which to truly test our resolve the land member of Pappy
Said they were ready to claw their way into 1dq but the leadership of Pappy realized it would cost them more risk more holes
More of the things they truly care about and they called off the final assault
They were at the precipice of finishing the greatest story ever told an eve and instead of writing the final chapter
They hastily scribbled the end and went home in defeat of their spirit the Pappy leadership didn't see it that way
They had kept their power. They remained the big fish in the small pond for another few years
They went and expanded their space not to provide for their members
But to rent it out so they could become the slumlords of virtual space
They took some of the most odious practices of our real life and decided that their dream was to recreate them in our fun space
Game when I took over leadership
Our status was somewhat dismal our membership had been falling sharply for six months. Our finances were in an awful place
Since then we've worked to address those issues
I'm happy to say that our finance team has righted the ship and we are in good place now
And I take that our membership has grown every month since I started as a vote of confidence
My goal my vision is to help you write your story whenever you come on one of my fleets
I wanted you to look back on it as a fun time no matter what happened on them now when I'm your leader
I want you to remember this time as one of the best you've ever had in this game
Let me be brutally honest with you. Our enemy has more people than us
They have far more money than us
The smart thing to do would be for us to sit in Dell for another year and fatten up
Some very smart people have told me that we should do exactly that but I'm not here for that and I don't believe you are either
Especially when I look out of this game and I see the same things you see I see an enemy that believes they are invulnerable
That are incredibly wealthy beyond all imagining
I see them take more and more space to charge other people for the right to live in it
It doesn't sit well with me. Just like it doesn't sit well with you
I was talking to Starfleet commander the leader of the b2 coalition recently and he told me how they were shutting down their rental program
He told me how it was a lot of money, but it wasn't the right thing to do
He's here to fight not to collect rent. I knew then that he was someone who understood what makes this game special
I know that the b2 coalition is one that shares many of these ideals that we do
Papi has spent the past year killing and absorbing every alliance that isn't in the Imperium and
For over a year the b2 coalition has been under attack by the forces of papi because they need more space
They need more money. They need more rent
They are so addicted to the isk faucet that when the leader of fraternity came to hoard and asked for help
They charged them a rental fee for that too. Now the enemy has dropped four keep stars into b2 space
They are on the offense and we go up to stop them
I recently told a friend about the ancient curse. May you live in interesting times?
It is a curse because times of plenty are boring and no one writes about them
I hope that your real life is very uninteresting. I hope you have love and plenty in there
The story we write here should be different. Did you pay real-life money to play this game so you could defend a landlord?
Did you pay so you could sit in your space and watch your space while it tick up every day with no risk?
I personally did not take the leadership job to have these Alliance executors and my DMS every week whining for a deal
I don't want your deals. I don't want to pay for boredom. So we will go north
We go north to defend our friends and be to from the insatiable machine. We know they have more than us
We aren't worried if you're a member of happy and realizing that this isn't the story you wanted to write
Why are you still there? We would be happy to have you here as for us. We're going to go live in interesting times