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Goonswarm Overview

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Newbie Guides

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Gooniversity Wiki

Welcome to the Gooniveresity Wiki where all the collected information from Gooniversity (mostly) resides. This Wiki is kept up to date by a collaboration of Wiki janitors and Gooniversity staff. We hope you can find useful information for whatever it is you choose to do in EVE Online, Imperium member or not. If you feel like something is out of date or needs correcting send your inquiry to (..)

Gooniversity Departments
New Players PVE PVP Exploration Industry
Newbee Survival School PVE School PVP School School of Exploration Industry School

Newbee Survival School

Everything in this section pertains to navigating, setting up your overview, as well as surviving and functioning in the world of EVE Online. You'll find curated skill guides for alpha and omega clones that go well beyond what is in game to help players comfortably pilot and starting performing better in outer space.

PVE School

Player versus (Everything) - Here's where you'll find guides for ratting, fitting for PVE ships, and running those spooky abyssal filaments. Goons have finely crafted ways to min/max every form of PVE in the game so no need to re-invent the wheel here. We did it already (multiple times).

PVP School

Player versus player - This is where the pew-pew is contained. Whether you want to know where the F1 key is located or what the other keys on your keyboard do, this is the place to find out. Fleet maneuvering, solo skills, support ships, logistics and just about everything that can be taught without undocking can be found here.

School of Exploration

No, we won't help you find yourself but we will help you find, hack, and blap anomalies.

Industry School

For people who like to make things and acquire the things that make the things that are needed for making those things and then some.

Instructors Pages