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Newbee Survival School

Welcome to EVE! We hope you like graphs.

Welcome to the New bee Survival School. Think of this place as "Everything 101" when it comes to getting yourself oriented to EVE Online. We understand this can be a lot of information so feel free to navigate to whatever fits your interest. The main goal presented to the new player is to explain skill training, navigating around space, station services, and starting out on a path towards a career field.

EVE Online is hard. EVE Online is overwhelming. EVE Online is fun once you... (insert objective here). The real truth is that EVE Online is what you make it. There is no progression in a sense that most massively multiplayer online games "have progression." IF a player's goal is "to gank as many miners in High Security space as possible," that's an attainable goal that does not require a ton of skill points to pull off. There are a multitude of other goals. It's not realistic to look at "flying a capital ship" as an endgame. While they are the biggest and scariest ships, most of your time piloting will be spent in something else.

Learning Resources

Little Bees

<insert pic>

This is a part of the Gooniversity special interest group that exists (mostly) as an ingame channel "Little_Bees" (leave out the quotes when looking for the channel ingame). Little Bees is a help channel to connect veteran players with new players or returning players that have found all of a sudden everything they own is in Lowsec. From this channel, ships can be requested and handed out in addition to taking advantage of other programs that Gooniversity offers like the free PI command center package.

Imperium New-Player Training Corps

Karmafleet University

Karmafleet University is an off shoot of Karmafleet, which a new player focussed corporation in Goonswarm Federation, and was founded as a place to train new players in the safety of Highsec. Whereas Karmafleet is part of a big and scary nullsec alliance, Karmafleet University is not. Pilots do not receive blue standings with Goonswarm Federation or anyone in the Imperium but are free to fly alongside GSF members and other dignitaries that come to teach classes. KFU and Gooniversity both use the resources of the Gooniversity Wiki and often share similar resources (like faculty) but they are two separate entities. If you'd like to learn more about Karmafleet University visit their website.

Rekium Academy

Ascendence Rising

Skill Guides

Training Goals

The goal of any skill guide/training plan is to relay the essential skills a pilot needs to perform a task in EVE Online. It is still highly recommended to read and learn what the skills do. There are many skill 'holes' in EVE Online's ship profiles that may not seem obvious. Having Gallente Battlecruiser might be well and good but without decent engineering and capacitor related skills, fitting the ship might prove difficult.

Training progression for almost every combat ship in EVE Online usually looks something like this:

Ship Fitting Skills >>> Weapon Platform Skills >>> Weapon Platform Support Skills >>> The Actual Ship Hull Skill.

Alpha vs. Omega skill Plans Gooniversity will cater as much as it can to Alpha pilots interested in diving further in EVE Online, however, CCP has put a variety of well tailored skill plans for Alpha characters into the game in the Skills menu option so Gooniversity will no longer offer player-curated Alpha plans. Instead, Gooniversity will provide plans to get a committed Omega pilot into ships and career types via a Core skill pathway that will then allow the pilot to branch out based on what their preferences may be.
GSF Skill Plan Pathway

Magic 14 >>> Core Ship Type >>> Specialty Ship Type >>> Hulls


  • The GSF Magic 14 skill plan is the basis for which all ships operate on. These are primary "fitting" specific skills that apply to anything in space.
  • The core ship type plan focuses on ships based on their type of weapon application.
  • The specialty ship plan focuses on getting players baseline skills for flying logistics ships and interdictors.
  • From here it is a matter of training into specific hulls. This is a basic 3 step guide to get combat pilots into functioning ships as soon as possible. Look at the individual Gooniversity department to provide more information on skills needed for each career.

GSF Magic 14 Skill Plan

Train this first. It is the core capacity, cpu, targeting, fitting, and maneuvering skills.

GSF Core Ship Type Plan(s)

Pick a ship type - Missiles, Gunnery, black ops, ect.

GSF Specialty Ship Type Plan

Logistics cruiser specific support skills & interdictor specific support skills.

CCP Ingame Skill Plans

<insert pic>

explain each plan as a good "baseline" that will get you in t1 ships while you figure out what you want to do with your life.

Navigating 101

Route Planning

System Sec Status

Pilot Sec Status

Blinky pilots

Overview 101

This Guide How to Setup your Overview will detail How to have your overview set up correctly so that you don't shoot your buddies.

So sexy, so useful, so alluring.

What is the overview?

The overview is your quick access window to everything you are surrounded by while out in space. There are many ways to create filters to your liking but too much or too little information can render it useless in emergencies. Most people make do with the defaults but they live in high sec and don't know any better. We need a bit more granularity to make it easier and quicker to respond, but first, we need to set a default overview which can act as our base to build further filters from. Getting used to your overviews can be the difference between getting accurate information and asking why you've just woken up in your home station.

Getting in Fleet 101: FC What do?

Straido's guide <insert link to a page with that.>

Hauling 101

Haulers Hauling Services Goonswarm Relocation Services[Imperial Transcontinental Logistics]

Station Services

On Clones (make this it’s own section don’t bury it under station services) You will die! Welcome back to life! Death clones vs. Jump clones Implants - a rabbit hole*

Station Services

Station Services Types of Stations and player-built structures Types of Services Cloning Market The rest of it

Station Services

Citadels, Refineries and Engineering Complexes Types of Citadels Big ones Small ones The ones that make things POS

ISK 101 - How to be Less Poor

Fitting Your Ship

Some words about fitting.

  • High Slots:
  • Mid Slots:
  • Low Slots:
  • Rigs

Using Pyfa

Career Paths School of PVE School of PVP School of Exploration School of Industry

Career Paths

The PVPer

The Ratter

The Miner

The Industrialist

The Explorer

Gooniversity Departments
New Players PVE PVP Exploration Industry
Newbee Survival School PVE School PVP School School of Exploration Industry School