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Alliance Communications

In-game Channels

These channels may be joined in-game for communication and intel reporting. Read the MOTD of each channel for more information and additional links

Alliance Channels

  • elysium.imperium - The main alliance channel
  • isk.imperium - Buying and Selling? Start here
  • mining.imperium - Mining all the things? Start here

Intel Channels

Intel channels are used to report and track enemy movement. Keep in mind OPSEC and do not report on blue movements. For a full guide try Intel Channels Guide

Null Sec

  • delve.imperium - This is our primary home intel channel. If an intel channel is not listed here you can find it in the MOTD
  • querious.imperium- If you're in Querious use this channel
  • period.imperium - If you're in Period Basis use this channel
  • fountain.imperium - If you're in Fountain use this channel

Low Sec

  • aridia.imperium - If you're in Aridia use this channel
  • khanid.imperium - If you're in Khanid use this channel
  • lonetrek.imperium - If you're in lonetrek use this channel

High Sec

  1. TODO: Should we have some of these?

Utility Channels

  • GoonFits - This lists current doctrine fits for Goonswarm
  • Imperium Expeditions - A market place to buy and sell anomaly escalations
  • Overview List - A list of various overviews to be used. See Overview Settings

Jabber Channels

The alliance uses Jabber for text chat

Alliance Channels

  • elysium - All chat all the time

Common SIG (Special Interest Group) Channels

  • Interested in a thing in eve online? Join a Special Interest Group (SIG). and take a look at The recruitment center Some of these channels will require an invite from the SIG. If you want to know what SIGs are available check out this List of SIGs
  • In addition to jabber, mumble and the forums there are some SIGs that will use Discord. After you join the SIG ask the SIG owner what they use for communcation
  • Some SIGs will require you to have certain skills trained. Take a look at Skill Plans
  • Sample SIG channels
    • beehive - This is the place to be for emergency reponse (e.g. I'm tackled, haaalp)
    • gooniversity - Need help with eve online? Questions about how the alliance works? This is the spot

Director Bot (directorbot)

You'll see this bot pop up in Jabber as information is sent out to the alliance

Mumble Channels

The alliance uses Mumble for voice communication

Ops Channels

Locate Ops/Op Channels and you'll see a list of operations channels. These are reused as needed depending on the Op

Some direct links to these channels are as follows:

There are some standing ops channels. The main channel you will use is

  • Beehive
  • Fireside - There are regular fireside chats that occur in the alliance. This is where you can hear them and normally the Jabber elysium channel is where questions are asked

Corporation Channels

Every member corporation has their own mumble channel should they choose to use it