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Welcome to Goonswarm Federation and The Imperium

Welcome to the new wiki! This wiki is primarily meant to serve GSF and The Imperium community. Most of the content here is public, however some information requires you to be logged into the forums and might be locked behind group membership. The wiki no longer allows any imperium member to edit it, only members of the wiki janitors, and directors can edit. The idea behind the wiki redesign and reboot is that we want to simplify, and maintain a useful and important service. The new wiki will not be providing things like information on ship hulls, or items in the game. There are numerous, and better / more up to date sources for that.

If you want to suggest a change to the wiki or want to see a new page created, you can request it here.

The information on this page is intended to help you take the first steps in either joining The Imperium, or towards getting you in touch with our official contacts.

Official Contacts

If you need to contact GSF or the Imperium regarding any official matter - standings, alliance level recruitment, or other issues, please see our list of Official Diplomats.
If you need to contact GSF in regards to a corporation joining Goonswarm Federation, please see Corporation Recruitment Team.

Navigating the Wiki

The Imperium Wiki

You are already here! This is the home page for the GSF / Imperium Wiki.

Important Pages / Links

Gooniversity Portal

The Gooniversity Wiki is the source material for Goonswarm Federation's Gooniversity, which is a training ground for veteran and new players alike to learn the tools and tricks for getting better at spreadsheets in space. We've made this part of the wiki public so that knowledge can be shared with friends and enemies alike.

Policies and Rules

As one of the oldest continually extant player organizations in EVE Online, the Imperium hosts a wealth of experience, much of which was earned through trials and harsh lessons unique to the game. Organizations of our size require Policies and Rules that govern in-game behavior - to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, whether our own or not. We house our policies both here on the Wiki and here: ::Rules and Policies Forum

Setting Up Auth / Services

The purpose of this section is to provide information on Auth registration, and services setup.

Corporation Center

If you need to contact GSF in regards to a corporation joining Goonswarm Federation, please see Corporation Recruitment Team

Misc Important Links

Quick Links


Please see the recruitment thread for Wiki Janitors Here.